The Yat (One) and Only Journey

Saturday, 1 April, 2006


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Shit man..Another shit happened to me, yet again..

This morning I went out with a fren of mine, to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa..I didn’t went to the garden ofcoz..

I’m not that hardworking to go for a morning walk..I mean some where around there..

I took the road from Kampung Pandan roundabout to Jalan Tun Razak (Izzit Jalan Tun Razak.??), passed by KLCC and City Square..

Then straight I drove on..National Library on the opposite road, then reach General Hospital (GH) on the left hand side..

By that time, my fren told me that her mom was warded in GH bcoz of health problem ofcoz..It doesn’t sound right if you have money problem you’ll be warded in a hospital right.??

Then I told her, “Oh..How’s she.?? I never enter GH before, I mean, for years alredy.” Something like that..

As we all know..From GH we need to go to the roundabout to make a U-turn to get to Titiwangsa, right.??

Ok..I made the turn..Then I got out to the road where it connects to the roundabout..

In case you guys don’t know..You don’t have to drive out to the roundabout to make a U-turn..There’s a small U-turn route just before the roundabout..

You guys know me right..I’m a careful driver..I don’t speed at most highways (except for Kesas, from Pandan Indah’s under-developed Tesco to TARC)

So ofcoz I waited til no car coming from the roundabout only I came out of the U-turn junction..

And you know-lah..My Wira 1.5L Auto, pick-up damn slow one..The road a slightly steep, right.?

So my car slowly crawled to the left side of the road..With the stupid grunting sound came from the engine..

And that’s the time when I looked to the rear mirror, suddenly there’s a stupid Satria GTi speeding from behind..

It was soooo fast and by the time I looked at it, it was too close to my car trunk alredy..

And WHAM~!! Into my car trunk, yet, again..I guess most of my frens do know that I had a car accident in the NEW YEAR of 2003..

Yeah..That time I just sent Chew Shu home and was about to send other frens back home..

So at the Besraya Highway (At last I know the name of the highway bcoz I need to make a police report), where I made a U-turn from Salak South to the highway then en route into Taman Tasik Permaisuri..

That time was about 3am, wee hours..Just finished counting down for the year 2003, heading back home..

A Wira 1.5L, same color as mine, grey, rammed onto my car trunk and you know what.? My Wira Sedan became a Wira Aeroback at that very moment..

I was driving at a speed of about 70-80 kmph to climbed up the slope overhead bridge..Imagine the speed of the car that rammed front behind..

No extra charge for the modification..And bcoz of the ramming..My car couldn’t even move to the near-by Salak South Police Station..

Argh..What am I talking here..Talking nonsense about the past too much..My car is fine after that..Fixed with RM 8k insurance premium (izzit the right term.??)

Let’s back to present, today..Although the car trunk was not as badly damaged as the previous one, it’s still quite bad..

And you know what’s the worst thing happened.?? I knocked my forehead onto the steering wheel..

Although it’s wrapped with rubber or such..It’s very pain with the momentum from behind..I think I hurt my back too..

So..My indirect-wish was fulfilled..Paid a visit to the GH..What a bad day..And now I can’t drive to anywhere else..

If wanna yamcha or what..Do pick me up, or else, don’t call to make me envy you guys 😥

I guess my car will be in its kind of hospital for at least 2 weeks or so..Need to claim insurance and stuffs..

Pheeew~~!! I felt a sense of relief after blurted out so many things on a bad day..No time to relief though..

Sigh~~ Need to fix the car again..For the 3rd time in 4 years..Twice on the car trunk..Once on the front..

Well the front one was my fault..But the back ones was accident, I mean, not my fault..

Anyway..Need to get some rest..I felt a little dizzy and drowsy now after taking some pills..


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