The Yat (One) and Only Journey

Tuesday, 4 April, 2006

Ignorance Is Bliss

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Today. is the 3rd day I don’t have a car to use..Hence, Didn’t go to college for the ‘free’ class..
Been wandering around at home..Don’t have the mood to study yet..Finals is just around the corner..
Exactly 3 weeks from now..2 more subjects to go..Just TWO MORE~!!
I don’t know why..I’m not motivated at all..Perhaps some things tangled up inside my head..Or maybe bcoz of the accident slightly affected my brain cells..
For those who don’t know what happened, read previous entry, “Accident..Again” for further details before you continue on..
The same old symptoms come up and say “Hi” to me again..Just like when I had finals for the first time in college..
Can’t sleep well a.k.a insomnia..No appetite..
Well..Ignorance isn’t bliss at all..I can’t ignore my finals..Think I’ll start my studies tonight..
Still in depression now..Maybe I need LOVE..I need LOVE to fluorish inside me..
I’ve stagnant for quite some time..It’s time to move on to my journey..The one and only journey (isn’t it is the name of my blog.??)..
Well..Wish me the best of luck guys..I think I’ll stop right here and continue on the journey to the end of the world..Chiaoz..

Oops..Before I sign out..I’ll have to say GOTCHA..
My entry of “Accident..Again” was just an April Fool’s DAY prank..
All of the opening until the climax was just a prank..
Well..I’ll have to say sorry to Brian for believing in me..And congrates to those who doesn’t believed..Hahaha..
Anyhow..Those old accidents that I mentioned are actually real, after all..No jokes this time..
Many of them can prove the accuracy of the facts..Especially Mei Lin, who was 1 of the passengers in my car during the 2003 New Year accident..Hahaha..
And also..Song Feng can prove the other accident bcoz I had asked him for a ride to college once..That’s the next day right after the accident occurred..
Actually..I’m quite sad that none of the readers concerned about me -whether I’m scratched on any parts of my body or how’s my car going on- when I posted the accident entry..
Besides that..I was even utterly sad that no one was actually fooled by my April Fool’s prank..Until Brian made my day..Hahaha..Sorry Brian..
Or perhaps you were actually just spamming my chatterbox even though you knew it was a prank..SIGH~~ Hehehe..
And oh..The whole first part of this post content, aren’t real too..I’m not THAT desperate for love..
I’m still single and ALWAYS available..You get what I mean.? *wink wink*
Though, the finals was real..Exactly 3 weeks from now..Guess I really need to make an appointment with my notes again..
Yatz : Hey ya notes..How are you guys doing.?
Notes : Hey Yatz..Wassup.? It has been quite some time since thel last day I saw your face..We, too have been hibernating so quite some time..
Yatz : Yea right..I’ll be hanging around with you guys again for the next 3 weeks..
Ok..Ignorance isn’t bliss at all..Live life to the fullest..Work hard everyone..Best of luck..
Oh ya..I want to wish happy birthday to Cecilia, which is now (today), 4th of April..And also wish you all the best in the coming finals, too..Same to myself too..


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