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Wednesday, 5 April, 2006

Dead Or Alive (DOA)

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This filler entry has nothing to do with arcade game DOA -Dead Or Alive, or such..
Yeah..I’m enjoying filler entries as much as Naruto‘s filler episodes every week, until the 180th episode (now 178 in Malaysia) for the 2nd season, where real fights will be back again….
In conjunction with the Qing Ming festival or something..I’ll talk about cemetery..Hahaha..
Ok..I had been to Nirvana Memorial Park‘s admin hall / office or something..I don’t know what it is called..
Nirvana Memorial Park‘s admin office is at Kuchai Lama..
The admin office is so luxurious..Yeah, you heard me..IT’S LUXURIOUS~!! It’s like a comparison to 5-star hotel, for the deads..
I assumed every Chinese also knows that Nirvana Memorial Park a.k.a Fu Guai San Jong is indeed a very expensive, just to buy a unit/lot at the grave sites for burial..
A family could spend up to few million ringgit for a full package, ofcoz..
The office is so hotel-look-alike, where it has a lobby with nice couches, and also receptionists..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Big crystal sphere displayed at the lobby*

I have no idea what is this crystal ball for..It’s amazingly huge..I guess need about 3 or 4 people of my size holding hands to get the circumference of it..
The office have elevators which will bring you up to 3rd Floor or something..I can’t really remember..
On the 1st Floor or something..They have an exhibition centre..Displaying coffins and stuffs for the deads, i.e clothes, etc..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Gold coffin worth few hundred thousand ringgit*

Yeah..You can see this gold coffin on display..It is valued at few hundred thousand ringgit..I couldn’t remember the exact figure..
Besides gold coffin, they offer platinum coffin, too on display..But I didn’t snap a pic of it..
The platinum coffin is black in color, metallic black..
Exhibition centre aside..Let’s go to the ceremony halls, where spiritual funeral ceremonies and prayers to send the deads to the other world being held..
It has few halls..With nice corridors along the front halls..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*Nicely decorated corridor*

At the corridors here, it has nice tables and comfortable chairs..
Supper is also provided..Not like those you get from school canteens, cold and unfresh..
Here, you got the best..Foods heated up in trays just like what you got from hotels..
And they have staff, with neat and tidy uniforms walking around for customer care..
You know what.? If you think that only the elders working here, you are wrong..They have pretty chicks as receptionists and customer care attendants..
Imagine if you have a girlfriend working at Nirvana Memorial Park..

Yatz : Hey guys..Meet my gf, Katrina..
Friends : Hello Katrina..Where are you working.??
Katrina : Hello..Umm..I’m working at NV Multi Corporation Bhd..
Friends : *Gasp* WTF~?!?! You mean~~
Katrina : Yup..NVMC Bhd, the one which manages Nirvana Memorial Park..

Yeah..That’s some kind of expression you will get from your friends if you have one gf works for NV Multi Corporation Bhd (which manages Nirvana Memorial Park)
Last but not least..Do you know what you can do at the corridor when you are having supper.?
You can access to the Internet, where 2 rooms with a computer in it..
Now that’s what I called 5-star hotel, for the deads..
Ok..I think that’s all for my talks..I found an article in the Net about Nirvana Memorial Park at Semenyih, Selangor, and Nilai Memorial Park at Seremban, Negri Sembilan..
The Grave Sites Of Nirvana & Nilai Memorial Park


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