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Thursday, 6 April, 2006

Requested : Pangkor Trip Spoiler (Ghouls)

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Ok now..This entry here was requested by my friend, Deral..I did a requested entry before..

It was Requested : Langkawi Trip Spoiler (Do take noted, I was sarcastic-jokingly bombarded by KY in the comment section for my grammatical error..Hahaha) I guess all of you still remember about the un-delicious Marmite Crab..

Now..What about this Pangkor Trip Spoiler.?? Be prepared with experiences / hobbies in watching horror movies in cinema..

Actually I was waiting for the full-details about the whole incident before I blog it out..So I got this entry delayed like about a month alredy..

Anyway..Since I blogged about Nirvana Memorial Park yesterday, and in conjunction with the Qing Ming festival, I think I’ll just give it a shoot..

Instead of this post was requested by Deral, it has become a request by my other friends whom I sent the pic to them to see..

So I’m not going to wait for the in-depth details..

Now..Everything goes like this..Shit, I myself were so thrilled when I was requested to post this stupendous horror entry..

Deral‘s friend’s cousin, visited Pangkor Island during their college semester break or whatever the hell it was, as a result of not much details about it..

So I was told by Deral that there were 7 people altogether made the trip to Pangkor..

So at 1 night..7 of them gathered somewhere in house, sat together and played games and stuffs..

A must for any kind of trip..Gather to play games or chat about whatever..

Pangkor, faraway from the city or mainland..And it is just starting to develop now, or maybe few years back..Kinda secluded I would say..

What else can you guys talk about.?? The most popular of them all, uncanny ghost stories..Be it fictioned or real stories..

You know, guys must show their braveness to the girls at moment like this..Shit, what a crap..

Guys : Hell with ya..Ghost doesn’t exist in this world..

Girls : WAAA~~!! I’M SO SCARED~!! I WANT MY MOMMY~~ CAN ANY GUYS GIMME A HUG~?! *This is usually said-out by non-pretty chicks*

What kinda ghost stories they talked about..I don’t really know..And it doesn’t really matters here..All that matters is the outcome..

In the mid of their ghost discussion..3 of them, saw a f*cking lady carrying a baby in their rented house..

Need not say more..It was a pair of futch-king ghouls wandering around them and listening to their wonderful stories about them, I mean the ghouls-lah..Creepy eh..

Frightened like hell and they almost pissed in their pants, shits oozed out from their arse-holes..They went to sleep and think nothing in their mind..

The next futch-king day..That’s the day they had to leave the joyful trip back to the air-polluted city and continue a boring life..

But ofcoz..They brought back unforgettable joyous, and also freaking hell memories back to the mainland..

They packed their belongings..Cam-whored like nobody’s business..Well, my friends and I do love cam-whoring as well..Muahahaha *with fading voice*..

So they left the island and came back to the mainland (coz I don’t really know where are they from)

Browsed through the pics they took with the cams and phones..They saw something suspicious in 1 of the pics..

Once in a lifetime..They got to see ghouls, AGAIN..And I do mean GHOULSSSSSS..I guess you can count how many S-ses are there..

Yeah..My friends all did the counting game when I sent this pic to them..Nothing better to do..

I told them the amount of ghouls appeared in the pic, yet they still looking for more and more suspicious dark-greyish figures in the pic..

Do take this seriously coz it ain’t no more fictions like I did in the previous entries =P

Now here’s the pic I got from Deral..Have a look on it (click on image for full-size review)..

This is the original pic taken with a Sony Ericsson k750i (2-megapixel and macro-view)

When you open this pic, try to save it and open it with Window Picture & Fax Viewer..Click on the ‘Actual Size (Ctrl+A)’ button *the left circled green button*

Then you click on the ‘Zoom-in (+)’ button *the right circled button* for about 3 or 4 times for a better view..

Image hosting by Photobucket

*This is where you click for the actual size and zoom-in if you do not know*

So, happy viewing..If you have any problem with the pic, i.e the pic is too dark, etc..

You can still click on this pic which I photoshop-ed it..Actually I just made the pic whiter so it will be easier to see those dark places..

Also, that 2 guys standing at the front door are the ONLY humans in the pic..Nobody else in there..

*Click on it for full-size review and zoom-in for 3-4 times*

Ok..The clue is the are 6 ghouls said to be seen in the pic..After distributing it, Weng Soon and his sister found a massive extra 2, which made the number to 8..

We even have Ultraman-ghost in the pic..WTF~!!

Or actually you are that lousy that you are too lazy to play the counting game with us..Here’s the answer for it..But i guess most of you guys are not that lazy, right.?

What’s the thrill to look at the answer before trying it out yourself..

*Answers are circled in red*

So, here’s my nice ghost-pic distribution to all you guys..I wish to get some feedbacks from you guys..

Actually I do agree with some of the comments that I got..Some of the shadow figures might be just reflections of trees or anything in the house..

Like Justin said, when your mindset is determined to find the things that was told to find, you’ll come out with numerous imaginations..

Anyway..My comment section or chatterbox are open to various answers and feedbacks..

Don’t keep it in your mind..Or you’ll suffer..Muahahahaha *devil’s laugh and grin*

Requested : Pangkor Trip Spoiler (Ghouls)


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