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Sunday, 23 April, 2006

The Reason Of It..

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I’m some sort of carefree now..So I’m going to tell you guys the reasons, why I blogged about Have A Good Rest, Mom..

Before I start, my mom was admitted in PPUM again early this morning..It was my dad’s suggestion to get the professional’s care..

My mom too, agreed to go back to the hospital after back home for about 4 days..

My sis and I can’t sleep well these few nights because we were staying up at night to take care of her..

While in the day, my aunt helped us to take care of her..

Our finals are here, yet we haven’t got any chance to look at our notes..Anyhow, life is so fragile..We just hope to be by her side whatever happens..

So, the very first reason is, more than half of my friends that I mingle with now, knew my mom..

But, not more than a quarter of them knew about my mom’s condition, because I didn’t revealed anything of it, at all..

Most of my friends said, “I didn’t know you went through all these all these while”, “It must be tough for you”, “Why I didn’t heard anything of it after knowing you for so long”, etc etc..

Hence, it’s better for me to tell you guys before the sad day comes..Even when I told you guys about the condition now, all of you were shocked out of your ass..

What if what I’m telling you guys in the previous entry that my mom is no longer here.?? Sure you’ll be more shocked than what I’m supposed to tell you, am I right.?

So at least if anyone of you guys feels want to pay a vsit to my mom, you still can do that before whatever happens..

Secondly, because of the so-called pressures that tensed up in my family and myself, I need to blurt it all out and get some support from you guys..

It is not that I want to make a big fuss of it because my mom looked quite fine earlier on..It’s my family problem after all..Just recently, her health was in a downturn situation..

This is one of my major reasons when I first started this blog back then, blurt out anything to lighten the burden in myself..

I’m so glad and grateful that all of my relatives, friends and even outsiders, being so concerned and supportive..

Famous bloggers like Wingz from and Peter Tan, too showed their concerns towards my family and my mom’s condition..Thanks a lot..

Here’s a little update about my mom’s condition..

I really like to thank all the prayers, supports, and concerns that were being showered upon my mom..

My mom was under inspection of Professor Yip, a female doctor, being in the highest level in the department that took care of my mom in PPUM (onkologist or something)..She was also a lecturer/professor for trainee doctors..

She claimed that my mom has only about 1 month plus life, when she was admitted into the hospital last time..

Well, actually it does mean, my mom’s life is in jeorpady..It will go to the other world anytime..

But hope another miracle happens, just like the one happened before..Coz that time, my mom’s life was in jeorpady, too..

For more than 1 week, my mom can’t sleep at night..Trying to get to sleep, but still woke up in the middle of the night..

The way she sleeps.? She has to bend down to the front as if you are lying down on a table to sleep while you are studying..

She can’t lie down on her back to sleep on a good posture..She said it is not comfortable at all..

When she’s back home here, she talked lots of nonsense..I guessed she is facing mental disorder because of insomnia..

She kept waking up in the middle of the night and called out my name, talking nonsense to me..

Such as, “How much is the depreciation if we sell the car now.?”, “Where is your uncle.?” (Which my uncle wasn’t at at my place that time), “Why you are all here today.?? Don’t you all have to go to school.??” (Which that day was actually Saturday, yet she insisted it’s Monday or any other weekdays), etc etc etc..

Yesterday, she talked something serious..She said she can no longer hang on like this..She’s going to has the last breath..

She called us, my dad, both my sis, and me gathered around her so she could see us for the last time..

Telling her last will to my dad, saying my dad has to continue the journey on himself and sorry for leaving him and us so early..

All of us shed a river of tears, trying to give her confidence that it’s still early for her to leave us, etc..

After like about 45 minutes of the tragic drama, she suddenly blurted out, “Kam yat sei mm hui..Teng yat joi sei koh”, as in “I’m still alive today..Try to die again tomorrow”..

At that moment, we felt it was a joke of the century that a sick person would ever say..Still, we sighed in relief that she’s alright after the commotion..

It’s very heartaching to see her like that..

Anyway..Now she’s under care in the hospital..It’s bad to say but it is true that we can have some nice sleep and have a look on my notes for my finals..


By the way..My mom is just 51 year-old..Going to turn 52 on 11th of May..Hope she’ll be fine til then..



  1. mm… hope yur mom get well soon… ngo hou kam dong…

    Comment by Sean — Wednesday, 23 May, 2007 @ 1:01 am

  2. Sean >> thanx for your concern but my mom alredy died 1 year ago 🙂 have a nice day

    Comment by Yatz — Wednesday, 23 May, 2007 @ 2:07 am

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