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Monday, 5 June, 2006

I’m On The Star’s OtakuZone..

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Ok..Everyone who reads The Star newspaper knows about this OtakuZone on every Sunday’s Variety Pullout section..

Generally, OtakuZone is a section for all anime and manga fans, and probably for the newbies to know more about anime and manga..

It’s a great section to introduce what anime and manga is, to the society nowadays, as anime-fans are mushrooming everywhere in the world now, since the arrival of Naruto and Bleach..

Actually, I have been related myself to anime and manga long ago, since 1994, where Dragonball is the boom at that time being..

Other than animes and mangas from Japan, I too heavily indulged myself with local animated magazines, such as Ujang and Gila-Gila..

They are not any manga of great artworks like the Japs, but they are very funny, as in the presentation of its local jokes..

Anyway..In my time, during my primary school times and early secondary (1994-98), watching anime was like a childish, girlish, and sissy hobby or interest..

Perhaps it’s only the point of view in my school, and not other places..

So I kept to myself with most of the mangas that I read and animes that I watched..Only a few shared the same interest as mine..

I’m so into animes and manga (well, not that fanatic actually) that I could only borrow from few of my friends who could afford to buy the animes in bulk, such as VCD..

Until the time when I finished my SPM, not seeing my ‘supplier‘ anymore..So I was left out of the on-growing animes..

Worst still, I didn’t subscribe ASTRO..So those animes that aired on the pay channel of AXN, I didn’t get to watch them..

Although I didn’t kept myself abreast with the animes, I still managed to download loads of MP3s on the animes’ OST, more on Opening (OP) and Ending (ED) tracks (with the 56k connection capability)..

So, I kept myself updated with the new animes just by listening to their tracks, without watching any of it..

But hey, I still know some of the new animes that were growing that time..

Anyway, I’m out of my topic already..

Actually I wrote a comment to the OtakuZone, about a month ago, and it only appeared yesterday, the Sunday, 4th of June 2006 issue..

Here’s the article if you didnt happened to buy The Star or noticed it (click on thumbnails to enlarge it)..

*Start from the bottom left*

*I’m from Selangor.?! =.= *

Ok..I gave my details to the so-called editor, Elizabeth Tai..I did wrote my address, as in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur..

I don’t know why suddenly I’m from Selangor..

Anyway, thanks for publishing my cen..


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