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Sunday, 18 June, 2006

World Cup 2006 Gay Updates..

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The World Cup 2006 has already come to the 10th day..

For your info, I’ve been watching the World Cup matches since last Sunday (11th of June) at Connaught’s ABC Maideen..

Except for Tuesday, Wednesday, and today (Sunday)..

Many predictable wins, upsets and boring games we have watched and more still to come in the coming 20 days..

Among the great hoo-hah wins were opening match, Germany – Costa Rica where the Germans won on 4-2, Spain thrashed Ukraine 4-0, and the Argentines whipped the Serbs 6-0..

*Senna Marcos and Xabi Alonso carrying goalscorer David Villa, where Spain thrashed Ukraine 4-0*

David Villa (being carried away) : Put me down.!! I want my momma~!! These guys are insane~!! *sob sobs*

Xabi Alonso (right) : Hey my fellow Spaniards..We have supper tonight..Sluuuurp~ *drools* (can you see his tongue.?? Hahaha)..

*L-R – Luis Gonzalez, Maxi Rodirguez, Juan Roman Riquelme, and Juan Pablo Sorin celebrate Maxi’s goal against the Serbs*

*Teenage prodigy, Lionel Messi scores the sixth goal for Argentina against Serbia & Montenegro*

Not to mention Mexico won 3-1 against Iran, Ecuador thrashed Costa Rica 3-0, and the great performance by Czech where they won 3-0 against The States..

*L-R – Ecuadorian Edwin Tenorio, Agustin Delgado, and Ivan Kaviedes celebrate after winning against Costa Rica*

*Tomas Rosicky celebrates after scoring against USA*

Talk about upsets..My favourite team, Japan did really upset me, where they led the game by 1-0 til the 80th minute, eventually they lost 3-1 to the Socceroos..Goddamnit..

*Shunsuke Nakamura (center) celebrates with Naohiro Takahara*

Nakamura : Can you see it.? Can you see that so-called god.?? I score it without your help..Baka yaro~!!

*Vincenzo Iaquinta of Italy jubilates after scoring against Ghana*

*This pic is so GAAAY~!! That’s Vincenzo Iaquinta (down) with Gennaro Gattuso*

Iaquinta (down) : Ugh~ Harder my man..Harder~!!

Gattuso : YOU GOT IT MAN~!!!

Sweden too lacklustre in their first game where they drew 0-0 against lowly Trinidad & Tobago (T&T)..

Brazil too, failed to shine in their first game as most of the football fanatics expect them to do, which they beat Croatia by 1 goal margin, 1-0 only..

*Brazilian Kaka cheers with Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho after scoring the only goal against Croatia*

Roberto Carlos (right) : Hey Kaka..I wanna try out the Osim’s iGallop..

Kaka : Sure..Hop on..

Ronaldinho : I wanna have a ride too~!!

*Brazil, the country full of babes*

Perhaps the camaraderie among the Croats helped them through the game..

Other upsets include France drew 0-0 against the Swiss, Mexico drew 0-0 against newcomer Angola, and favourite Czech lost to Ghana by 2-0..

*Franck Ribery (left) and Zinedine Zidane (right)*

Both Ribery and Zidane : Get outta my way..Nature calls~!!!

*A Czech Replublic’s fan joking around with a Ghana supporter*

Ghana Supporter : Hey..Your ‘balls’ look saggy..

*Ghana players celebrate the goal scored by Sulley Ali Muntari against Czech where Ghana won 2-0*

So far, highly praised English striker (I doubt that), Peter Crouch was being crouched to the ground, with his lacklustre performance..

Thierry Henry too, unable to find the net as many hope to see his goal-scoring spree performance..Same to Ronaldinho as well..

*Deco (No. 20) celebrates his goal against Iran*

Figo (center) : Hey..Let me have a look on your ass..And perhaps I can have a thrust too~!!

Deco (front) : These guys are crazy~!! *running for my life*

Anyway, of all the matches, of course I’m disappointed with my favourite teams’ games..A disappointing game by the Japanese against the Kangaroos and also the Swedish against T&T and Paraguay..

*No time to joke around folks*

*The Swedish celebrating Freddie Ljungberg’s goal against Paraguay where Sweden won 1-0*

*Freddie Ljungberg the goalscorer*

The most exciting group table now is Group E, where Italy on the 1st spot with 4 points, Czech and Ghana drew with 3 points each and USA with just 1 point..All with 1 game to go..

*C’mon my Pussy..Arjen Robben (right) and Robin van Persie (Pussy)*

Robben (right) : Hey my van Pussy baby..It’s been a while since the last time we met..Give me a BIG~~~ hug..

van Persie : Yes Robben my dear..How bout a kiss as well.??

Shit..This conversation gives me shivers..*Brrrr*

*Shit..Footballers are SOOOO GAY~!!!*

van Persie : How’s my thrust Robben dear.??

Robben : It hurt me so much *ugh* But heck with it..I just love it..Muahaha *sheepish smile*

*The Oranje Gangbang Celebration*

*Sea of Oranje*

Ok..That’s all for my World Cup 2006 filler entry..Chiaoz..Hope Japan could make it to the 2nd round after a goalless stalemate against Croatia (what a dream~)..

*Goalless draw*

Much effort were wasted throughout the disappointing game, although Japanese goalkeeper, Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi saved a penalty-kick from Darijo Srna..

*Kawaguchi saves the day ball*

*Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi..He’s the man*

*Niko Kovac and Hidetoshi Nakata are vying for the ball*

*He’s my man, Hidetoshi Nakata*

*Yuji Nakazawa (No. 22) tries to get the ball from Dado Prso (No. 9)*

All pics are courtesy of FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 Official Website..


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