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Tuesday, 20 June, 2006

World Cup 2006 Babes Reviews..

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When there’s World Cup, girls always acted like they also know something bout football..

I like David Beckhamlah, I like Ronaldolah, I like Cristiano Ronaldolah, I like Peter Crouchlah, I like Hidetoshi Nakatalah, I like that Ahn Jung Hwanlah, this-lah that-lah, that referee-lah, this coach-lah..

Come on girls..Wake up~!! We are not seeing hunks here..We are watching footballs~!!

Okay..I understand their feelings..The same goes to the guys..Girls watch guys..Guys watch girls..Muahaha *grins*

After all, mamak stalls full of act-like-they-know-it-all-about-football chicks..And they ain’t normal chicks..They are pretty chicks..

But of course..Other than football..We guys, watch other kind of balls too ^^ *sheepish smile*

*USA babes love wrestling so much eh.? Hey girls..Wrong place..This is football stadium~!! Not wrestling ring*

*How bout an Ecuadorian babe.? Hot.?*

*Scandinavian babe one of the best in the world*

Swedish babe : Hey you scumbags..Smell my armpits~!!

*Portuguese..Joga Bonito~*

Portuguese Babe : Smell mine too..Hehehe..

*Yea..I know you girls love Henrik Larsson, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and Freddie Ljungberg*

Swedish Babes : We are their wives-wannabe..Wooo Hooo~!!

*The Dutch Ladies*

Bottom Guy : Hey..Squeeze mah tits..This girl ain’t got any Dutch Lady milk here..

Girl (middle) : Ok..I know mine are small..But yours are fake..

*Mexico, here we go*

Mexico Babe : Get a pair of brace and you won’t lose your teeth..

*Swedish rules*

*Anonymous..Like the ‘balls’ anyway*

Babe : Balls up for grabs.?? Which side you want to have a grab.? *winks*

*English babes..Boys cum and then off they go*

English Babes : Boys come, boys go!! You get what I mean.? They cum and then they go *sob sob*


*Deutschland babe*

German Babe : SEE~!! No armpit hair..No body-odour too..

*German model Claudia Schiffer with fans*

*Oh my gawd~~(jaws drop)..She’s damn tall*

Claudia Schiffer : Who are you guys.?? Hobbits.?? Shoo shoo~

*Brazilian the samba babe*

Brazilian Babe : Now you know why there’s nude beach in Brazil.?? Cuz I’m the pioneer nudist *winks*

*Sepanyol..Spain..Espana..Screwdriver..Hammer..MC Hammer..WTF*

*I would love to be kissed by you senorita*

Italian Babe : You want a kiss or you want to pull my tank top.??

*Mexico deli*

Mexican Babe : Come grab my tits~!!!

*Is she a Mexican or German.???*


Ecuadorian Babes : Yeap..That’s right..You will stand a chance to get a World Cup promotional price of 2 whores with just the price of ONE~!!

*Sa Rang Hae-yo Korea..I love Korea~n*

Korean Babe : Now you know why Korean-dramas are so popular..Thanks to us, pretty chicks..

*Korea babes good (thumbs up)*

Korean Babe : Hey yo.! I’m one of the best Korean Ah Lian..

*Holy moly..Kawaii neh~~~*

Korean Babe : Stop staring at me or I’ll poke your eyes with my fingers just like this..

*Nippon babes..Aishiteru*

Japanese Babes : We are here to make film AV, the Hitler style..

Now isn’t that refreshing.?

At half-time or full-time or anytime, you get to see chicks anywhere near the stadium, cafes at Germany, mamak stalls in Malaysia, and any red light motels at Chow Kit area..

All pics are courtesy of FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 Official Website


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