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Monday, 3 July, 2006


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We have been reading again and again news about bag snatching quite regularly on the newspapers..

Victims being pulled / dragged along the road / street because they try to save their bag from being snatched by motorcyclist-snatchers..

Some landed in the hospital for serious injury because of the commotion with the f*ckers..

Some even died because of internal injury from the pullings and draggings on our potholes-bound country, Malaysia..

Anyway..What I’m going to talk about in this entry today is F*UCKING BAG SNATCHERS~!! 

This case happened to my younger sister’s friend on last Friday, 30th June 2006..All written below are the truth and no add-ups..

Everyone who stay in Cheras should or maybe know where is Taman Anggerik (what we always say, inside Phoenix Plaza)..

At Taman Anggerik where you have to go up a slope, there is a petrol kiosk..I can’t remember whether it is a Shell or Petronas..

Ok..Straight to the point..My sister’s friend was being robbed off HER school bag when she was walking back to her house from the main road, coz there is no bus going into the area..

Yes..It’s a GIRL, again..Robbed off here I mean bag snatching of course..

While she was walking, 2 MALAY guys riding on a motorcycle stopped in front of her..

The one sitting at the back got off the bike and took off his helmet and just whacked the F*CKING HARD helmet on HER head..

Lying on the roadside after being hit on head, still reluctant to let go off her school bag..

Thus, the F*CKING GUY whacked 2 MORE F*CKING times on the same spot, which led to serious bleeding..

Half of her face covered with blood..Felt dizzy for a while, though still managed to walk back to her house which is just about 60 metres away.!!

But there’s no one at home at that time, so she walked to her relative’s house which is near-by her house..

When my sis was chatting with her on MSN with the webcam switched on, I could see both her eyes was swollen and she needs few stitches on the bleeding spot..

Bag snatching is already an uncivilized way of robbing a person..But TO WHACK a helmet on a Form 4 girl’s head just because of a SCHOOL BAG.???

That’s what I called BARBARIAN and BRUTAL.!! Eat my shits you assholes..

Luckily no internal injury on her head, or she might be dead with that 3 hits on her head..

A carefree secondary student was being robbed out of a sudden..That’s not enough of it..Blood all over her face..

What happened to the society nowadays.??? Is violence is the only way to get things done.?? 

You want to rob or snatch just go for it-lah..You go whack people’s head for what.?!?!

Call me racism or anything you like..I have NO DOUBT that these bag snatchers are one of those MAT REMPITs that you can see almost every weekend, along Connaught Highway (Projet, Giant, and UCSI)..

They are so low-class and uncivilized that some of them don’t even know how to surf the net..

All they know is to get a MIrc, Yahoo Messenger, MySpace, or account and start to flirt and fishing around..

When they get the prey, what else to do other than “consensual” rape or even gang-rape.

They don’t know what’s a Net Forum like, what blog actually is, and many sort of things that they wouldn’t know in their life..

Because all they know is riding on their noisy cheap bike and doing f*cking stupid stunts racing around..

Where are the authorities to curb these kind of crime for the sake of our country and future.?!?!

Actually I’m not surprised with the infamous school bully from Miri, Sarawak and Kota Tinggi, Johor..

All these bullies have been around for don’t know how many years for God’s sake..

Just that we don’t have a cam-phone back then so there was no recordings on the bullies..

Thanks to the technology and stupidity of the students to video-record the acts, they are such a dumbass for loading the videos into the Net for public viewing..

Sometimes, technology does bring harm and negative effects on the new generations..

But to look back on the bright side, it is useful at times, because typical Malaysians can’t be helped but showing off their f*cking stupid acts with the help of the technology..

I think I’ll just stop here..Otherwise, there are still a lot for me talk about the uncivilized lower-standard group of societies..

I’m sorry and sad to say this, but, that’s the fact of it..They are absolutely from the lower-standard societies..

Screw me with whatever comments you have..Calling to authorities.!! Please do something.!!


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