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Sunday, 9 July, 2006

Counting Down To World Cup 2006 Gay Finale..

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The World Cup Germany 2006 Finale is here tonight..And the ‘high fever’ is going to be healed soon enough..

The 3rd-4th placing has ended and the winner goes to Germany, thrashed Potugal 3-1 with a 3-0 lead..

Portugal‘s goakeeper, Ricardo was well beaten and future Oscar-winning Cristiano Ronaldo was just as irritating as ever..

As usual, the street party for the World Cup Finale is happening tonight and just at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur..

Nocturnal me and my friends will be sure heading to the street party for the fun and joy..

The Italy vs France would be a hell of a Finale duel between 2 great teams..

France found their tune and were showing their finest performance ever, since their World Cup France ’98 triumph..

*Thierry Henry (left) and Zinedine Zidane will lead the attacks*

Henry : I’m ready..C’mon..

Zidane : Look out my Tai-Chi stance..Waa yaa~ *Bruce Lee’s trademark sound*

Italy have the toughest goalkeeper around, and simply few of the best defenders in the world, look comfortably to lift their 4th World Cup title, should they beat few of the best midfielders in the world..

*Italians Andrea Pirlo (left), Alessandro Del Piero, and Fabio Grosso (No.3)*

Pirlo : Hey~! Who should I fuck.?? I thirst of sex here~!!

Grosso : Anyone but me~!! I’m CUM-ming~!!

Del Piero : Catch me if you can..I’m all yours~!

As surveyed, most females will be supporting Italy because of the hunks (after England and Spain had exited the tournament..Wtf~They are all GAYS after all..Hahaha)..

*The Italian JOB~!!*

Fabio Grosso (kneeling,center) : My Lord~! Can I give you a blowjob with my watery mouth.?? *drools*

Gianluca Zambrotta (kneeling,left) : My Lord~! Please accept my service too..

Andrea Pirlo (standing,right) : Oooh yes my fellow peasants..I’m just happy with all your services..I’ll call it “The Italian Job” from now on..

*The Italian Job Celebration*

Gianluigi Buffon (maroon jersey,top) : Let me give you a hard thrust, GROSS~ Ohhh~!! 

Fabio Grosso (bottom) : I LOVE IT MAN~!! Del Piero, your dick sucks *puke*

Gianluca Zambrotta (far left) : I don’t agree with you GROSS..I just love it~! ^^

Alessandro Del Piero (No.7) : Whatever..Just blow me hard~ Aaaah~ *feel of relief*

Meanwhile, most football pundits will be betting on Italy rather than on-form France..

Where as for me, I’ll be supporting France..Why am I always taking the opposition team as chose by majorities.??

Anyway, nothing much to talk about in this filler entry..Can’t wait for the night to come..

The street party is beginning at about 9pm and the roads will be closed at about 7pm..

Remember, performances by international artistes Flipsyde and Crazy Frog are in the house..

Local artistes Samir, K Town Clan, Disagree, and Reshmonu are performing as well.. DJs’ JJ and Rudy, Jakeman and The Skeletor are there to host the event..

*Miroslav Kolse (right) and Lukas Podolski congratulate Bastian Schwensteiger’s (left) goal against Portugal*

Klose : Hey baby..Let make out right here and now~

Schwensteiger : I..I..I’m scared..There’s a stadium of people watching us here..

Podolski : Not to afraid..Count me in as well..

*Sebastien Kehl (left) celebrates with Bastian Schwensteiger*

Kehl : Hey..I thought you are C cup.?? *confused*

Schwensteiger : Nah~ Who told you that.? C cup is my girlfriend’s..I’m just looking for the World Cup..

*Miroslav Klose (top) clashes with Deco*

Deco : Aaarggh~!! *in pain* Your thrusts are too strong~!! I told you I don’t want doggy..

Klose : Whoops~ Sorry..

*Miroslac Klose (above) collides with Nuno Valente*

N. Valente : C’mon..I’m all ready for this doggy craze..Jump and pump on me~

Klose : Ready or not..Here I come~!! *ugh*

*Jurgen Klinsmann (center) celebrates with team officials*

Klinsmann : Wahahaha *devils laugh* We completed filming the “Football, My Gay Sport” (WTF~)..


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