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Friday, 14 July, 2006

Kaki Corner’s New Tech..

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Every Cheras dwellers sure know this western food restaurant, Kaki Corner at Taman Billion, Cheras..

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*Kaki Corner at Taman Billion*

It offers varieties of western food such as Black Pepper Chicken, Maryland Chicken, and whatever chickens and lambs, you name it..

Needless to say that many of you might have the better idea what Kaki Corner is..

But now, I’m talking about new technology that is now being used at Kaki Corner..

It’s the Bluetooth / Infrared related thingy, Wi-Fi Access Spot at Kaki Corner..Yes~!! Kaki Corner now has Wi-Fi access..

Okay..Maybe some of you already knew it a month ago, but it just came to my acknowlegdement a week ago..

Now, with the Wi-Fi access, their operating system is simply marvellous..

Look at this device here..

I would love to call it the “Waiter Calling Device”..

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*Waiter Calling Device*

As you can see, this device consists of 3 buttons, Call (center), Water (top left), and Bill (top right)..

When you arrive and sit down on which ever table, they’ll give you a menu of course..

When you have decided you orders, just press on the Call button, and the nearest or most carefree waiter will come to your service..

How do they know which table calls when the button is pressed.?

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*The table numbering*

Each table had been numbered and everytime you press on any of the buttons, the number on your table will appeared on a big screen, plus every waiter has a vibrator watch that shows the table number..

Impressive eh..

So the Call button is actually for the first order or food ordering..The Water button, which actually refers to Drinks..Button pressed, waiter will come to take your drink orders..

No further explanation for the Bill button as you could have guessed what will going to happen when you press on it *winks* ..

I think we could even online with our laptops, like any Starbucks outlet offers..

That’s all I wanted to say about Kaki Corner, coz I don’t have to elaborate anymore as many of you are aware of this place and could be more familiar about it than me..

One last advice..Don’t order any drinks from the Ice Lemon Tea section when you are damn thirsty..Look at the difference..

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*Giant Carrot Milk and Honey Milk*

My Giant Carrot Milk which is just RM 5 is simply unfinishable if you have a small stomach..Order one glass is worth sitting there for the whole night, though..

Where as the Hikaru‘s Honey Milk, costs RM 4.50, is simply unsatisfying even if you have a small stomach..

Order one glass is NOT worth sitting there for the whole night..



  1. […] you are interested to meet up, drop me a note. I will be setting up a night to meet with friends at Cheras Famous Kaki Corner. (Yes, the Cheras pride is still very much alive!) Alternatively, if you want to treat Ms. Heaven […]

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  2. hi…howard here…if u dont mind can u send the kaki corner contact number??? right now?

    Comment by howard — Saturday, 7 August, 2010 @ 4:16 pm

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