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Tuesday, 25 July, 2006

A Loan, Or Ah Long.??

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Recently, my dad received a letter from a bank..Let’s call it XX Bank..

My dad is a frequent user of XX Bank‘s credit card..Thus, my dad is treated as a regular and valued customer..

So, IMHO, only frequent credit card users were being sent this letter..

A letter contained 3 Credit Card Cheques, which is equivalent to a bank loan..

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*The Credit Card Cheques*

The first cheque had been filled in with the amount of RM 5,000.00..Just bank-in the cheque, you’ll get the RM 5k..

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*Unfilled cheque*

What about the other 2 unfilled cheques.??

Simple..Just fill in whatever amount that you want to loan, bank-in, and you’ll get the sum that you wanted..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Just write amount, sign and bank-in*

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*No more long queues..Mailed right to your doorsteps*

Sounds attractive right.? This is what I call “You Get What You Give“..

You’ll get the sum that you bank-in using the automated cheque bonking banking machine..

Loan it fast before your money finished.!! Dream on yourself dude..

It’s your own fault if you don’t read on the tiny-miny note..Written,

  1. The cash advance fee charge is 5% on the amount drawn and a whooping 18% p.a. daily interest.
  2. Subject to XX Bank‘s approval.
  3. Cheques are only payable to yourself and not any other third party.
  4. The Cheques cannot be banked into any XX Bank loan account and/or XX Bank credit card account.
  5. XX Bank Credit Card Cheques are not an immediate cash advance facility such as cash cheques.
  6. Cheques are valid for 2 months from date of issue.
  7. Terms and conditions apply.

You have fallen into a trap if you bank-in the cheque..

It’s a f*cking 18% per annum daily interest.!!

Some people already facing problem with the government’s PTPTN loan for education, which is just a mere 4% interest..

How do you face the massive 18% interest.??

A loan from the bank.?? Or Ah Long working in the bank.?? Think about it..


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