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Sunday, 30 July, 2006

BolehLand : The Garmen..

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It’s rambling time again..HOOOOOO~!! *raise your hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

I got something to talk about our BolehLand ‘garmen’..You know, the ‘garmen’..

The ‘garmen’ like to spend lucrative money on useless projects, such as the recent hot topic, to build a sports centre in London..

That stupid project costs about f*cking RM 490 million, based on early calculation, and that’s not the exact amount to be spent on the centre..

Reason to propose the project by the Sports Ministry.?? To enable the athletes to adapt to the different weather in Europe country..WTF..

We also have our own cold weather..We got Fraser’s Hill, Cameron Highland, and Genting Highland..

Why not just build the centre at any of the highlands.?? It will be an ideal place for the athletes to rest too..

Furthermore, the currency rate in England is so high that it’s almost 7 times our own rates..

There’s no need to spend so much money on this stupid sports centre..

I don’t even think the ‘garmen’ will send ALL of the athletes to the centre there in London, if it were allowed to build..

We have high-profile coaches to coach numerous types of sports here in our own BolehLand, but still the athletes couldn’t deliver anything to our country.!!

As if the athletes could fly and run as fast as the speed of sound, if they were to be trained in Europe..Wtf..

Badminton and squash are exceptionals..All they did was special deliveries, trophies and top notch world rankings, all the time..

For God’s sake, even TV3’s MyTeam, an amateur football team could fought on the same level against the Malaysian Under-20 football team..Goddamnit..

We already have our own so-called sports academy here, such as Bukit Jalil Sports School..Isn’t that enough.??

Not enough.? Well, build another somewhere else here, in Malaysia.!! Not another country..

Okay..I know why you want to build it somewhere else and it has to be England..

Because the currency is high there, so the amount to be forked out will be high, and the money you going take under the table will be higher..

Hmm..What a smartass I am..Hahahaha *devil’s laugh and grin*..

If the ‘garmen’ going to build the centre there, it will no good to be use in the next few years..

Already proved, in our own BolehLand..Once highly recognised Phoenix Plaza at Taman Connaught, Cheras, the then biggest complex in Malaysia or something..

Then, the Ue3 (Uncang Emas 3) at Taman Miharja, Cheras, was built and said to be the biggest complex back then..Thus beat the Phoenix Plaza..

After that, Midvalley Megamall at Petaling Jaya, Selangor, the biggest shopping complex in the South-East Asia or something..

The Phoenix Plaza and Ue3 are up to no use now..Both complex is like a haunted complex..

Phoenix Plaza is closed by now..Fortunately, Ue3 is still operating because there are offices, ecstacy-bound discos, and stores operated by Chinaman, in the complex..

Even shopping complexes would die because of no visitors..I’m pretty sure sports centre will eventually died for the same cause..

Shopping complexes are nothing..There are heaps of unfinished developed residentials in every corner of the city..

Built half-way, the cemented frame of a condo left stranded there terpacak for don’t how many lightyears for God’s sake..

Until the time another developer takes on the challenge to continue the project, only the condo will be up for sale and living..

The flat that I’m living in for the past 11 years is one of those unfinished developed residentials..It took 10 years to build this stupid flat before I moved-in in the year 1995..

Well, all they know is to take coffee money only..They don’t care whether the building or area being developed will keep on develop and grow in the future or not..

If a building is not a centre of attraction anymore, it’s just waiting for the time for another developer to buy the land and demolish the building (for example Phoenix Plaza) and then build another stupid building..

I still remembered that about 2 or 3 police officers were awarded some kind of cash money or special awards for not taking bribe during an operation..

What the f*ck..Why were they being awarded when they duty is to protect the country and civilians, and of course not taking any bribes..

As an enforcement unit, they are so proud of the 3 officers who didn’t corrupt, when they shouldn’t involve in any bribery or corruption in any way..

What a ‘garmen’..Proud of something that shouldn’t be proud of..“Saya Anti-Rasuah” my ass..More like “Saya Makan-Rasuah”..

This shows that most police officers involved in corruptions was already a norm, and that 3 whom didn’t want to involve in it, gets the consolation prize (another form of bribery you see)..

Special ones will get special form or bribery..

That’s our proud BolehLand ‘garmen’..

MALAYSIA BOLEH.!! Aku cinta padamu..

BolehLand : The Garmen..


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  1. Good information. Lucky me I ran across your blog by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have saved it for later!

    Comment by loft en copropriété — Wednesday, 15 October, 2014 @ 5:02 am

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