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Sunday, 6 August, 2006

The Return of Yatz With a 4-Port..

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After few days on hiatus, now I’m back..HOOOOOOO~!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

I couldn’t online for the past few days, since Wednesday midnight (which is the starting of 00:01, Thursday) til Saturday..

I phoned TMNet on Thursday afternoon to check out the connection for me and they said the port and server over there was just fine..

So they fixed once for me, hence they closed the case..But when I checked on it, still no connection..

I ringed them up again on Friday and the call attendant opened another case for me..

Then on Saturday morning, a TMNet technician called me on my cellphone..

TMNet Techy : Hello..Ini Mr Yat ke.?? (Hello..Is this Mr Yat.??)

Yatz : Hello..Ya saya.. (Hello..Yes I am)

TMNet Techy : Saya nih peminat blog kamu la Mr Yat..Kamu dikenali sebagai Yatz kan.? Kan.?? (I’m a fan of your blog)

Yatz : Err..Camne kamu dapat nombor handset saya nih.? Saya lapor polis kang.. (How did you get my cellphone number.??)

TMNet Techy : Janganlah macam nih Mr Yat..Acah je..Sebenarnya saya ni technician dari TMNet..Konek-syen anda mempunyai masalah kan.?? (Just kidding Mr Yat..I’m actually a techincian from TMNet..You have problem with your connection right.??)

Yatz : Ooh..TMNet ye..Konek saya takde masalah..Anda tak perlu risau sangat pasal tuh..Tapi Streamyx connection saya ada masalah sikit.. (Ooh..TMNet is it..Well yea..I have problem with the Streamyx connection)

TMNet Techy : Mr Yat sedang buat apa sekarang..Kat rumah ke.? (Are you at home right now Mr Yat.?)

Yatz : Ya..Saya memang ada di rumah..On the phone ngan kamu lah..Takkan sedang berak pulak.. (Yes..I’m at home now)

TMNet Techy : Err..Boleh tak Mr Yat buka pagar kat bawah nih.?? Saya ada kat bawah rumah Mr Yat sekarang.. (Can you open the gate for me.?? I’m at downstair right now)

Yatz : Ooo..Kat bawah..Ok ok..Kamu tunggu yeh..Dalam 10 tahun nanti baru saya pergi bukak.. (Ooo..Downstair.? Ok ok..Wait for a while please)

For those who didn’t know..I lived in a 5-storey flat with a gate on the ground-floor, to prevent house break-in..

Got into my house and checked my pc (that’s the time when he was disrupting me watch Bleach..Wtf)..

Check check check..Couldn’t got the connection fixed..Called back to TMNet double check..
Then he changed my Artnet router modem to his Aztech router modem..Connected..Wtf..

TMNet Techy : Aah..Mr Yat..Amat dikesali bahawa modem kamu nih dah rosak..Kene tukar la..Modem nih kamu beli sendiri ke.?? (Mr Yat..Your modem has spoilt and you have to change it..You boght this modem.??)

Yatz : Hah.?!?! Rosak.?? Ye..Saya beli sendiri punya lah..Ingat saya curi ke apa.?? (WTF.?!?! Spoilt.?? Yes..I bought it)

TMNet Techy : So dah selesai lah ye..Modem Mr Yat telah rosak dan belilah sendiri modem tuh..Dan teruskan melanggan connection kami yang teruk tuh.. (So it’s all fixed..Just buy a new one and you can connect to the Net)

Yatz : *Mengeluh* Okla camtu..Terima kasih ye.. (*Sigh* Fine then..Thanks for coming over)

Went to Low Yat with Hikaru right in the Saturday afternoon..Bought an Aztech 4-port Router instead of a LAN router modem..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 

*Aztech 4-Port Router*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 

*Tested and certified by TM for tmnet streamyx*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting 

*My lovely device*

The difference is about less than RM 20..I might be buying another pc in the near future..So a more powerful device is better for me..

Follow manual booklet..Typed in username and password..Voila..Done..

Not to forget..KL Pikom PC Fair is here this coming weekend, 11th – 13th of August 2006 (Friday – Sunday) at KL Convention Centre..

See you guys there..We’ll have PC Fair chicks photography spree again..

DISCLAMER : I’ve exaggerated the conversation above and it’s just for laugh purposes..Not trying to offence anyone..So no hard feelings upon reading them..Thank you..


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