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Wednesday, 9 August, 2006

Speedzone Rave @ Sepang (SIC)

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Another rave is in the house..HOOOOOO~!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

It’s Speedzone Rave at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) on 9th of September 2006.!!

I had been to the Redzone F1 Rave Party when the F1 race was held here some times ago..

It’s kinda awesome..That’s why I’m looking forward to this rave.!!

This time around it features 5 international DJs, namely Gabriel & Dresden from The States, Blank & Jones from Germany, and Mistress Barbara from Italy, with opening act by Joey G of Channel [V]..

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*DJ line-up*

Just be the first 2000 to register in and you will get a free entrance ticket (Click on the “Ticket” at the bottom of the site)..

Even if you didn’t get a free ticket, dun be sad..Entrance ticket sales is just at RM 20 plus 1 drink..No fuss at all..

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*DJ spin challenge*

By signing up in the website, you’ll get to spin this DJ-mix turntable..

The highest score will get to win a signed autograph CD of Gabriel & Dresden album..You can try as many times as you wish..

But you might lose the higher score that you get previously if keep on trying and trying, cuz you wouldn’t know how much score you’ll get..

I got a 2800 after about 10 attempts..Not sure whether it is high enough to win the CD..But heck with it..

Hope to be there to party hardy and meet any of you guys out there..


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