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Thursday, 31 August, 2006

49th Independence Day To Malaysia

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As soon as you visit PPS, you will see lots of entries about our beloved Malaysia’s 49th Independence Day..

Today, 31st of August 2006 is our country’s 49th year of ass-kicking after being freed from the British colonial..

Yet, our country is still being controlled by the Westerns, in terms of laws, rights, goodies, and whatever it is..

Our blogging tools, which are PCs, softwares, OS-es, etc etc, were all controlled by the Westerns..

The only Malaysian produce that is vastly used, is our Malaysian car manufacturer, Proton and Perodua..

In terms of quality, both Proton and Perodua are still far behind the Westerns technology..

In terms of quantity, both Proton and Perodua dominated the roads, compared to imported cars..

Whatever it is, I’m just glad to be born in Malaysia because it is a lovely country..

Compared to Japan‘s earthquake, US’ Katrina, and Indonesia‘s volcanic geography, our Malaysia is one of the safest Mother-Nature-free countries in the world..

Just that flash-floods were always the main problem..

Compared to Israel-Lebanon war, Israel-Palestine war, India-Pakistan war, China-Japan feud, North-South Korea civil war, US-Afghanistan war against terrorists, etc etc..

Our Malaysia is one of the safest war-free countries in the world..

Compared to African countries AIDS spreading, etc etc, our Malaysia is one of the lesser disease countries in the world..

Just that cancer patients are everywhere..

Compared to Taiwan‘s political feud, Hollywood‘s restless paparazzi disturbance, Hong Kong‘s triad clashes, etc etc..

Our Malaysia is one of the most peaceful non-problematic social and political countries in the world..

But, recently the country’s security is at stake, where robbery-cum-murder spree is on its way to newspaper headlines everyday..

Political feud between Tun M-Pak Lah, MCA-Khairy Jamaluddin, etc etc, have raised concerns among Malaysians confidence towards the Malaysian government..

Whatever problem it is, just hope all will be fine some day..

*Fireworks at Sungei Wang, taken from my house balcony*

*Fireworks with nightmode from my house balcony*



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