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Friday, 29 September, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

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Went to watch The Devil Wears Prada with Cat and Adeline..

I don’t know how well the film adaptation is from the novel..But for me, the movie was not bad, funny..

My favourite Anne Hathaway starred in it..That’s the best part..

She’s sweet, pretty, gorgeous, superbly cun, and busty..Yeah..You heard me, busty..

The whole story is all about fashion, and of course some lovey dovey stuffs..

Not really a must see movie..But if you are into fashion, it’s worth a watch and have a good laugh..

Hmm..Nothing much to talk about..I think that’s all..

I’m giving a rating of 6.5/10 maybe..

The soundtracks are not bad..When I tried to search them, it happened that there’s some kinda heavy metal band who called themselves The Devil Wears Prada..

And I was dumbfucked when I listen to the songs, knowing that there were no such songs in that movie..Wtf..


Wednesday, 27 September, 2006

The Server SUCKS~!!

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Just when I (nakatayat) was about to catch up with bryanchin and kelvinhwh in Xfresh‘s Camwhore Contest, my server gone down for don’t know whatever problem it is..

It’s not that I can’t log-in with my epass..I can’t even load Xfresh‘s site..

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*Cannot find server*

Okay, if the server is down, I can accept..

But why other people get to log-in to the site.?!?!?!

It’s so unfair..I lost my chase and I think ryunm-bla-bla-bla-something caught up with my votes already..

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*Invalid syntax error*

After few refreshes, I got into this page..Wtf..

Please~!!! Anyone please help me~!!!

Tuesday, 26 September, 2006

Yang Mooi Beef Noodle @ Pandan Indah

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It has been quite some time since the last food review..

This time I’ll be talking about my all-time favourite food, Wantan Mee..

Needless to say, Yang Mooi served one of the best Wantan Mee in town..

Their specialty is actually beef balls and claypot mix beef or something, and using noodle of Wantan Mee..

I’ve been eating at Yang Mooi every week since 2 months ago, when I got to know about this place..

It’s not that I got no choice hence I ate at this place..This shop is not near my house neither..

It’s about 15 minutes drive from my house, should the traffic not jam at all..

I came here because it’s so delicious that I try not to miss it each every week..

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*Yang Mooi Restaurant*

This shop is situated opposite of Pandan Indah’s police station..

If you are not quite familiar with Pandan Indah’s police station, I guess you know where is Steven’s Corner right.?

It’s the shoplots opposite of Steven’s Corner, but Yang Mooi is not facing them..It’s on the otherside of the shoplot..

Or the shoplots beside Pandan Indah’s Pantai Hospital, so to speak..

If you think it will be a fuss to find the shop, find the Chevloret showroom, which is just located beside Yang Mooi..

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*Minced meat on top of the Wantan Mee*

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*Mix them and eat it while it’s hot*

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I always eat Wantan Mee in large portion, the double-packed..At Yang Mooi, I can even eat it triple-packed anytime..

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*The beef balls*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The soup quite cun also*

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*Dumplings (sui gao) add-on*

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*Not bad but quite small*

You can either order the Wantan Mee with beef balls, or pork balls, or wantans, or something else on the menu board..

If let’s say you order Wantan Mee with beef balls, you can add-on a bowl of wantans or dumplings..

The dumpling is RM 0.70 per piece if not mistaken..And the wantan is RM 4.50 per bowl of 10 pieces, if not mistaken..

And oh..A friendly reminder..

DO NOT add the soup into your noodle~!!!

The taste is absolutely different and it’s not so nice to eat it this way..

The minced meat and sauce given in the bowl of noodle is sufficient enough for your meal..

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*Cleared (buuuuurrp)*

Saturday, 23 September, 2006


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This is what I call Aksi-Dented..

Was on my way to go Connaught ABC Maideen yamcha with Hikaru last week, then we saw this accident..

It was at the Taman Billion – Yew Lek roundabout..

Being a typical Malaysian, I stopped the car somewhere nearby and walked over to have a look..

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*Pic courtesy of Hikaru*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


The car went topsy-turvy..

No sign of the driver around..Should be sent to the hospital before i arrived..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Back to normal position*

A group of tow operators helped to turn over the car back to normal position..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


It is believed that the driver got drunk then lost control of the car then hit hard on the divider, real hard..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Seriously damaged*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Buy 4D*

It’s a Hyundai Ascent..

And I think that’s all for a filler..Wahahaha..

Thursday, 21 September, 2006

This Person Sucks~! – Part 1

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Everyone has their own clique of friends..

I have my own clique of friends..Of course, I have a few circle of friends..

Talk about football, futsal, I have a group of friends..

Talk about clubbing, event / party-goers, I have another group of friends..

Talk about watching movies, hang-out window shopping, I have another group of friends..

Somehow, in each and every group, surely there will be a black sheep *bah~bah~bah~* in it..

From my primary times til now, there’s a black sheep in every different groups..

And usually these black sheeps suck all the times..They are so annoying and irritating..

I have a ‘black sheep’ *bah~bah~bah~* friend that I’m going to comment here..

Let’s call him Asshole..Who knows he’s reading my comment here and find it quite similar to himself..

But what the futch, if he ever finds out, like I would care..Duh..

I just got to know Asshole not long ago, a few years ago..

He’s from somewhere East of Malaysia, so he brought along his hometown dialect and forced himself with Cantonese and English..

So this Asshole happened to be my classmate, I mean, X-classmate..

He has an arrogant-but-lazy-so-act-dumbfucked kinda attitude..

How’s that so.? Let me list it down here..

He looks down on other people who is famous for being lazy or truant all the times..

Yet, he didn’t realized that he himself is also as lazy as the guy he has been looking down..

Why do I say he’s lazy.?? Because he’s lazy in every aspect that you could find in a person’s life..

He’s lazy to wear shoes, so he bought slip-ons..And it’s leather slip-ons I talking here..

He’s lazy to do things and he expects other people to do it for him..

Say, for example..Everyone is kinda hardworking painting a room..He, too not exceptional from it..

Suddenly we need a couple of people to move some boxes from one place to another..

He’ll voluntarily offer himself to do the work with 2 other guys, let’s say..

When it comes to the job, he’ll stand there watch for quite a while then keep asking what’s inside the boxes and where they’ll be taking the boxes to..

As the 3 of them just arrived to help with the boxes, surely none of them can answer such questions..

Let’s say they need to carry the boxes 4 rounds each in order to move all the boxes..

After the first round, Asshole will give a lame excuse saying he tired of carrying the first box..Quite heavy, he said..

So he sits down somewhere nearby and act exhausted and hot, looking at his fellow peers carrying the boxes around..

At the end of third round his friends moved the boxes, he’ll get up and get his second box..

He’ll walk slowly and chat with his friends, while his friends do it with enthusiasm..

He’s hoping the other 2 person will carry the boxes for the 5th round while he only carried for just 2 rounds..Wise guy eh..

That’s not all..Everytime a group assignment is given, the task will be divided to every group members fair and square..

Still, he’ll not satisfied with his workload and keep asking why he has so much work to do, or compare his workload with other group members..

When the dateline is approaching, when the group leader asks for his stuffs, he’ll reply haven’t finished..

Then he’ll ask how bout other people’s works, who he thought might be lazier than himself..

In order to escape, he’ll find other people’s fault no matter what it takes..Wtf..

Talk about attire, you’ll never see him wear shorts pants and absolutely rarely see him wear short sleeves shirts / T-shirts..

Albeit the hot weather, he’ll always in his long sleeves..Talk about style huh..

I think I had enough talking bout him right now..

I’ll leave the rest of the story on coming posts..

Tuesday, 19 September, 2006

JJ and Rudy – We’re Not So Furious (Rempit)

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Here’s another remix by by JJ & Rudy of Morning Crew..

This song is kind of a HIT now..Everyone is playing and singing to it..

Someone even wrote out the lyrics by just listening to it repetitively and posted it in : Morning Crew..

So I have copied the lyrics and made some correction, which I think should be more accurate than the one who came up with it..

Anyway, thanks to him, and I get a better listening to the more accurate words..

JJ & Rudy – We’re Not So Furious (Rempit)Ah kereta kereta, Drift-drift-drift.Here we go…

I wonder if you know,
How to be a Mat Motor,
If you like it, come and try it,
Then you’ll realli realli know.

We’re not so Furiouuuus.

We’re not so Furiouuuus.
Rempit-Rempit-Rempit. (weird laughter.)

Eh, rush lagi, eh jalan rempit.
Don’t you call me a Mat Rempit.
I’ll only go fast.. a lil’ bit,
Come in another road I go “Pit Pit” (honking sound)

Ampang, YEA! (the yea is one+yea said at the same time. lol)
Seremban, YEA!
I do superman, sedikit.
Mono crew boys, sepuluh cc. (sepuluh is 10)
All my motor, I’m the VIP.

Many many cars all driving,
Cutting here and there, no signal-ing.
Scream-ing, scold-ing, honk-ing, speed-ing,
Non of them even look-ing.
I don’t wan no pro-be-lam,
Need to get to work so please faham.
Turning, cutting, cilok-ing(?), TANK YOU!!
Hopefully i dont get sam-man (saman)

Sepit udang sudah chrome,
Mudguard sudah chrome,
My chamber is buluh,
My motor is still slow.
MY kocek is kosong,
My paycheck take so long.
Tweaking, adding, exhaust, styling,
Money spending still going slow!

I wonder if you know,
How to be a Mat Motor… (interuption)
Haa la mak dude…Hold on.

“chi ko kok chi ke kok ki ke ko”

I wonder if you know,
How to be a Mat Motor,
If you like it, come and try it,
Then you’ll realli realli know.

We’re not so Furiouuuus.

We’re not so Furiouuuus.

Break it down to BM, C’mon.
All rite, here we go…here we go…
Anda sedia? Anda sedia?
Saya katakan(?)…bahaya!
Saya mau…. wan wan wan.
Apa takde nyanyi you?
Pasal saya tak fa-ha-ham
(more werid laughter)

I wonder if you know,
How to be a Mat Motor,
If you like it, come and try it,
Then you’ll realli realli know.

We’re not so Furiouuuus.

We’re not so Furiouuuus.

Ok ,habis already. Jom balik.
We’re getting a bad rap, Letsgetoutofhere (say fast!)
Bringgg, Bringgg, Bringgggg, Brrrrringgg, Bringgggggg, Superman!!! Bringgg, BRINGGG, Superman!!! Bringgg, SUPERMAN!!!!
PUA, PATAH KAKI~!! KEPALA MELETUP (random explosion follows)
(even more weird laughter) Muahahah, whats that dude?

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