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Wednesday, 6 September, 2006

Local Music Scene – Unabashed

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Since I’m kinda lazy to write a long post..

I think I’ll just write this topic to support our local music scene..

Unabashed, a local band hailed from Kuala Lumpur..

They have got like 7 members..One of its members is none other than the familiar face of Malaysian Idol Season 1 Top 10 finalists, Andrew..

The type of music they were playing is rock, alternative, and folk rock (something like gospel rock I would say)..

From their singles of “Whisper To The Storm” and “This Is Not A Drill“, I think they were actually influenced by the likes of Switchfoot and Staind..

Or perhaps Dave Matthews Band are more like folk rock.?? Hmm *shrugs*..

Meaning.?? I personally felt the songs are quite ok..Sounded like Switchfoot‘s works..

This coming Sunday, 10th of September 2006, their song “This Is Not A Drill” will be aired on Fly FM on Campur Chart, 7-8pm..

To listen to their songs, you can visit they so-called at My Space : Unabashed Band..

Or you can just simply visit their official site at We Are Unabashed to know the latest news about them..

Let’s together join our hands and support the local music scene..

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