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Thursday, 7 September, 2006

Happy Birthday To Yatz’ Blog

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Today, 7th of September is the 2nd anniversary of my blog since I started blogging 2 years ago in this

First of all, I would like to thank all my friends for reading and following my blog faithfully in this 2 years of existence..

Although I had been lazy at some times to update my blog..

Anyway, without you readers, I wouldn’t be eager enough to update it..Gazillion of thanks to you guys..

I still remember when I started this blog, it was kinda bimbo with some sad posts..

Then I began to develop my blog to more than just a blog for my friends..

I’m writing for fun and hopefully other people than my friends will have a look on it..

Then, I went off more commercially (of course not as good as Kenny Sia and others) and I expanded my circle of friends..

To every new friends, I’ll try my best to intro my blog to them..Hahahaha *devil’s grin*..

I started taking pics with my Nokia 7610 for my blogging purposes and stuffs..

Numerous ups and downs I had with my blog..

Lots of upgrading I did to my blog, from adding extra HTML scripts, to replaced the built-in Blogdrive’s chatterbox to outsource the chatterbox, to outsource the comment section to HaloScan..

And lots more of it..

Until recently, I’ve opened a mirror blog of mine at

Everything I got in Blogdrive will also appeared in WordPress..

I’m using WordPress because it has the categorization and monthly archive function which Blogdrive doesn’t has one..

And also Blogdrive doesn’t support Youtube videos..

It will be a hassle for me to convert all the 3gp files into mpeg format and then upload them into Metacafe..

However, I can’t edit the templates in WordPress due to free-subscription..

Therefore I can’t add things like chatterbox into my WordPress..

So, what I will do in the near future is just link those categories in my WordPress into Blogdrive..

By this, I can still use my Blogdrive as my primary blog (as everyone already used to it) and continue using my chatterbox function..

No more headaches in choosing which blog to use as the primary ones..

Just link both of them to get what I wanted..Isn’t that easy *sigh of relief*..

And now, I begun to make friends among other bloggers, which will also expand my circle of friends..

Wish all the best to my blog(s) and keep on support my blog by just reading it..

See you guys around..

And OH.!! Don’t forget about the Speedzonetour Rave at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) this coming Saturday, 9th of September 2006..

Featuring international acts Gabriel & Dresden..Just RM20 and you can buy the ticket at the entrance..

See you guys there..Don’t be shy to say HI! to me then..Hahahaha..


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