The Yat (One) and Only Journey

Monday, 18 September, 2006

I’m Sicko, Not A Weirdo

Filed under: Shits — Yatz @ 1:17 am

Oh well..Recently Jen struck hard with food poisoning..She’s fine now..

Then, I had a sore throat since Thursday..

I’m quite fine the next day after I’ve consumed some Chinese medicine..

On Friday, my throat was fine from anything but my voice..

I started to have a grunt voice since Friday..

Then on Saturday, I’ve lost 60% of my voice..

You know, the very first few words are ok until the last few..It sounded off key..

Then I had a chat with SmashpOp for the first time on the phone on Saturday afternoon, I guessed he could hardly listen to what I said..

Then even my relative can’t hear what I said, like I’m a weirdo..

Then I received a call from a friend, and he also could hardly hear what I said *dizzy*..

I have to talk out loud of my lungs to get my words clearly heard by whom I’m talking to..

After that I’ll cough out of my lungs *cough cough cough*..

Then on Sunday morning when I woke up, I’ve almost completely lost my voice..

Went out to lunch with my family..I had to waive to the vendor, then let my sis do the talking..

When the vendor ask questions, I just nodded and shaked my head, for being unable to talk..

I think they thought I’m a weirdo, or maybe some mute guy..

Then drank some Chinese herbs or something, I’ve regained my voice by 30%..But still sounded off key..

Hopefully the next day I’ll get my voice back by 50%..


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