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Tuesday, 31 October, 2006

The Departed (non-spoiler)

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Went to Midvalley to meet up with Smashpop because he was treating me on “The Departed”, free tickets courtesy of Mix FM..Thanks Popz Big Smile

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*The Departed somewhat premier screening*

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*Early screening*

“The Departed”, the Hollywood version of HK’s “Infernal Affairs”, starring Matt Damon as I don’t know who coz I haven’t watch the HK version yet..

Same goes to Leonardo Di Caprio..Both of them leading the role of Shawn Yue – Edison Chen and Andy Lau – Tony Leung..

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*L-R – Leonardo Di Caprio, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon*

Starring also Jack Nicholson as Eric Tsang, and Martin Sheen as Anthony Wong..

And also Mark Wahlberg, a senior police officer whom speaks with 4 words out of his every sentences have the word ‘Fuck’..

Matt Damon learns those ‘Fuck’ sentences as soon as he gets promoted to Sergeant or something..

Since I haven’t watch the original “Infernal Affairs”, hence I don’t know how the storyline goes..

I was there on time to meet Smashpop, and the trailers and ads not even started yet..Pheeew~

Even though we were early for the show, somehow we were somewhat missed the opening part of the show..

Because the staff there were so slow to notice that the movie actually has no audio sound..For about 2-4 minutes we watching ‘speechless’ movie..

The whole movie was kinda interesting, provided that I still haven’t watch “Infernal Affairs” (again)..

The scripts of local jokes was kinda funny..The guy sitting behind us laughed so loud..

But I must say the ending is kinda, kinda, kinda..Hmm..Lame.?

A piece of advice..If you already had watched “Infernal Affairs”, watch “The Departed” with lower rate ticket prices or buy the DVD / VCD instead..

Or maybe you can just simply download it, like everyone does..


I’m On SpeedZoneTour Site

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Upon browsing my blog’s ExtremeTracker on Site’s Referrals, I was in awe looking at the stats..

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The stats indicated that some people know my blog through SpeedZoneTour Official Site..That’s kinda strange, and cool as well..

This means I’m in another site again, after appearing in Discover Hennessy Official Site..

So I decided to check the website and look for the link that linked to my blog..

And you know what..I found it in no time..Hahaha..Suddenly I felt so, Wtf..

After you enter the site, you will be listening to Tracking Treasure Down by Gabriel & Dresden featuring Molly..

On the bottom page, click on “Media”..

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*See the turquoise circle*

You will come to a page where it shows several links to online newspapers and mags that had talked about the whole SpeedZoneTour event..

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*The Media page*

Then you just click on “Online Blogs”, scroll down that page, and voila..My link is there all alone..

There are also 6 other blogs on top of my link..Guess we are all dedicated clubbers huh..Hehe..

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Sunday, 29 October, 2006

Robert Harris Cafe @ 1 Utama

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BLOG UPDATE HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

After some hassles with the stupid TMNut’s Streamyx connection for MORE than a WEEK, finally I can log-in my BlogDrive account..

Now, I’m able to post this entry after a week of it, wtf..

Last Monday, 23rd of October 2006 was Cat‘s birthday..So we just simply went to 1 Utama and had some simple eat-out..

So we chose Robert Harris Cafe at the New Wing..It’s an open cafe, situated somewhere in front of apparel stores like Miss Selfridge, Nafnaf *wtf*, and Motivi..

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*Robert Harris Cafe*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The counter*

Nothing much on the menu..More or less something like Secret Recipe‘s..

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*The girls..From L-R – Adeline, Wei Ling (block), Catherine*

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*Looking at the menu la..Abuthen*

All of us ordered the set lunch of Spagethi with Tomato Sauce, came with Tomato Soup (or something, forgotten) with Garlic Bread and a glass of either Iced Lemon Tea or Iced Tea..

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*The appetizer*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The drink, Iced Tea*

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*The appetizer shot..The Tomato Soup and Iced Lemon Tea*

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*The main course, Spagethi with Tomato Sauce (or something)*

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*Looks good huh*

Well, I’m not a spagethi lover so can’t comment much on it, the taste wasn’t that bad though..I mean, it was okay..Nothing special..

I’ll give it a rating of 5/10..And oh, the portion was kinda small for me though..I can gulp 3 plates of that, wtf..

After the eatings, it’s cake cutting time for the birthday girl..

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*Cat making a wishes*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The so-called birthday cake*

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*These journalist wannabes armoured with their equipments*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Cat cuts cake*

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*Yatz and Adeline..Hehe*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Yatz and Cat the birthday girl*

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*Group shot..L-R – Yatz, Adeline, Cat, Wei Ling, William*

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*Stupid pose for camwhore*

So that’s all..A regular cafe with normal food but I must stress that the customer service was quite good..Double thumbs up..

All pics courtesy of William and Wei Ling..

Thursday, 26 October, 2006

TMNet Is A Jerk, Streamyx Is A Snail

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Most of you guys might wondered, “Where the heck is Yatz tonight.??“..Or, “Why there’s no blog updates from Yatz recently.???“..

These are the thoughts playing in everyone’s mind whom has my MSN contact and reads my blog everyday (or perhaps each time I update it)..

Ok..Due to the STUPID FUCKING STREAMYX OF THE STUPID FUCKING SERVICE PROVIDER (TMNet that is), my Internet connection was at a crawl since Deepavali..

Can’t sign-in MSN Messenger even if the Internet is connected..

Even if I could signed-in MSN, I couldn’t surf the net because the browser isn’t working..

Even if the browser is working, the speed is hell of a snail speed wtf..

Even if everything is fine and all, it will disconnected all of a sudden..

Yaaaaar~!! I’m using a router and it got disconnected wtf..

When I logged on to and tried to click on the ‘Connect’ button 198564729193847 times, but to no avail, the line is still dead..

What kinda service provider of TMNet is this.????

Called the hotline (1300-88-9515) but no one picked up the phone..Let’s bombard the hotline once and for all..

So everyone is celebrating Deepavali and Hari Raya then crashed the whole system is it.???

Meaning you guys purposedly crashed the system and you are happy to look at our unhappy frowning face is it.???


Wednesday, 25 October, 2006

Halo Cafe @ Citrus Park (OUG/Old Klang Road)

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I’m quite confused with this Halo Cafe..

There’s one at Sunway Piramid (if I’m not mistaken), one at South City Plaza, Serdang (if there is one), and the one I went was at Citrus Park..

It’s some kinda plaza which I’m not sure what’s that area called..It’s either OUG or Old Klang Road or somewhere between..

The main entrance of this Halo Cafe at Citrus Park is so damn secretly hidden, or actually it doesn’t look like a cafe..

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*Halo Cafe (Hai Luo Cafe in Chinese)*

The entrance on the ground floor and the cafe is on the upper floor..

Halo Cafe is famous just for the sake of being famous..Okay, not really..

Halo Cafe is famous because they invite Chinese artistes to make an appearance at the cafe..

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*The centre stage*

And there are also freelance singer performing on certain nights..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The freelancers*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*Cute girl on the right*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The ambience*

The place is actually a tad confined..Tables and seats and all crammed up..

Frankly, I oh-so love don’t really like the place..

Not all the seats were seated but the place is so crammed..

Worst of all, the foods and drinks are a tad expensive..

And if you look at the menu, the contents are so confusing..

I can’t tell which one is food and which one is the drink wtf..The names are

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*My drink*

This glass of I-don’t-know-or-even-care-what-is-it-called-kinda-juice-punch mixture cost me around RM 11..And the portion is fucking small..

I could get the same flavour (slightly) and of course tastier, 3 times bigger (slightly) than the volume of the glass, and half the price (slightly) of it at Station 1..

My friend had a plate of spagethi for dinner and I snapped a pic of it..

But I’m not going to post it up coz it’s not even anything that is nice to be complimented..

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*Wong Kok Char Chan Teng just beside Halo Cafe*

Don’t even mention the name Halo Cafe if you want to have a drink with me next time..

I’m not going there even if it’s a bunch of friends going..Okay, maybe I will go but not ordering anything..Just keep my wallet safe in my pocket..

I might even just go over to the next door Wong Kok Char Chan Teng and have a glass of Iced Milk Tea..

Sunday, 22 October, 2006

Should We Wish Selamat Hari Raya.?

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Here’s another food for thought that’s worth to argue..

Recently, Mohd Fauzi Mustaffa (head of Takaful Malaysia’s Syariah Department) said that Muslims cannot wish the Indians Happy Deepavali or such..

What’s more to combine both celebrations into Deeparaya..It’s definitely a no no religion wise..

It’s said to be haram (blasphemous) to wish other religions’ (such as Deepavali) festivities..

This made the Muslims looked SO selfish..They just live on their own and not intended to live a harmony life with other people who is non-Muslim..

Okay, maybe this ‘theory‘ applies to countries like Arab Saudi, Iraq, Iran, or any Middle East Muslim countries..

Though I don’t think it’s suitable for a multi-racial country like Malaysia..

If this happens, Malaysians wouldn’t live in unity because of this stupendous barrier..

To make things worse, if Islam doesn’t allow its followers to wish other religion’s festivities, then I don’t think it will allowed anything vice versa-ly..

Meaning, other races who are non-Muslims are not allowed to wish the Muslims Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri..

Then I don’t think Malaysian culture of ‘open house’ is applicable in this matter..I mean, not to other religions..

In the end, you’ll only see MOSTLY Malays (not all Muslims are Malay), go in and out of any open houses of the Muslim/Malay politicians, during Hari Raya..

Only Indians who celebrated Deepavali go in and out of Datuk Seri Samy Vellu‘s open house..

Only Chinese who celebrated Chinese New Year go in and out of Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting‘s open house..

If a Muslim can’t even wish other religions for their special celebrations, so I don’t think celebrating other religion’s festivites is accepted in this matter..

Street parties to celebrate Christmas should not be held in the first place because Malays (Malaysian Malays are all Muslims) were seen celebrating it as well..

It’s even blasphemous to celebrate Christmas because Chritmas Day was the day where Jesus Christ was reborn after his death, following of the crucifixion..

So, will this multi-racial country stand united in the coming years if this remark takes hold of its stupidity position in every Muslims’ heart..

For me, I don’t think Malaysia will be a country of multi-racial that live in harmony anymore..

Well, no pun intended..I apologize if anything I have said offended any religions/races directly or indirectly involved in my thoughts and discussions..

And I also apologize if anything I said is not true or accurate of its religion’s teachings, races, or anything..

It’s just my thoughts and what do you expect from the jack of all trades..

Me, as a Malaysian, truely hope that we will all stand united and live in peace and harmony..

Anyway, it’s your choice to welcome my greetings or not..

Happy Deepavali and Happy Hari Raya Aidil Fitri..

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