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Wednesday, 4 October, 2006

My Streamyx Now QUITE Ok After The Complaint

Filed under: Irritations — Yatz @ 2:38 pm

After I had posted a complaint entry on how suck TMNet is (here), I have got few supporting comments from other area..
So pissed off I am..Went to sleep after the struggle to publish my entry..
Then when I woke up this morning, the connection was still as shitty as ever, because I didn’t switch off my PC..
So I reset my Aztech router, restart my PC, log-in again into my Streamyx account..
Vola~ The connection is kinda smooth now, compared to the past 1 week, but not the best..
My window pages are loading smoothly like it never before since the past 1 week..
I get to sign-in MSN Messenger and chat smoothly, like few years back when I’m still using dial-up 56k connection, since the past 1 week..
Yarrr~~ Imagine my old dial-up 56k connection was gazillion times faster than my Streamyx for the past 1 week, again for God’s sake..
So the Big Brothers are really monitoring PPS and perhaps do something about it..Like what happened to Sang Kelembai blog recently..
I HOPE this is not a one time off thingy..
I subscribed to Streamyx because I believed in your capability and put my trust in you..
But most of the time you suck big time and made most Malaysians got frustated because of the lousy service..
So now, I’m temporarily happy with the connection..Hope everyone else gets the connection that I got now..
If you keep up the good work, nobody will ever complaint about your monopoly in Malaysia market, okay.??
Now everybody have a nice day..Ciao..
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