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Wednesday, 11 October, 2006

Mamee or Mawi

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Recently, I found something in my mailbox..I mean, the old skool metal box kinda mailbox..Not my e-mail’s mailbox..

It’s a stupid blank postcard..And guess who was it from.??

It’s from household name in the food industry, Mamee..Yea, you know Mamee.??

The 20 cents packet junk food that you liked when you were in primary, and instant noodle rival of Maggi..

And who they found to promote the famous household name for food.??

Yes, they found Mawi, the Astro singing contest of Akademi Fantasia Season 3 winner, to promote the name..

Yea, we can see his face anywhere and everywhere now, wtf..

Ali Cafe ad, Proton Edar’s Savvy Ambasador, and now, Mamee gets their turn to seek for Mawi‘s fame..

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*Mawi with Mamee*

I guess they found The One to help them promote it..You know why.??

Their name is aptly matched..Mawi, and Mamee..Both starts with ‘M’..

And if you say out Mawi‘s name with a slang, it will be Ma-wee..Thus both name ends with an ‘E’..

Luckily Mawi is not the founder of Mamee..Otherwise, there will not be the name Mamee..

It’ll become Mawee, and came out with a slogan, “MAM (as in Mom), Weee~Heee~ (an alternative for Wooo~Hooo~)..Wtf..


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