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Friday, 13 October, 2006

Plagiarism or Foolish – The Haka

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Talk about plagiarism, or foolish..But what does it regards to.??

I’m talking about the Haka dance, shot to world fame after being performed by the New Z

ealand national rugby team, the All Blacks..

These stupid rugby players from our own shore plagiarized the Haka, and did it whole-heartedly..

Why do I say they are foolish.? Because only fools will plagiarize other people’s dance..

I’ve watched some stupid local rugby players doing the Haka after winning some kinda competition, on TV..

And I even recalled during my secondary days, the school rubgy team did the Haka as well..Chanting “Ka Mate Ka Mate..“..

I was like, “What the fuck.?! Why are they doing Haka.?? They can do Brazilian Samba, Joget, Sumazau, Dikir Barat, or even Mak Yong..”

Do they know that Haka is actually a traditional dance from a tribe called Maori, who resides in New Z


The All Blacks are performing the dance before each of their matches, because they are all related to each other..Talk about free promotion..Wink

At my very first thought (that’s about 5-6 years back) til now, I do believed that these naive rugby players think that Haka is actually some kinda Rugby Cheer..

According to the origin and history of Haka dance, this complex dance is an expression of the passion, vigour and identity of the race, Maori that is..

Have you ever see famous rugby teams like the Wallabies (Australia) or the England team doing the Haka.?? I don’t think so..

I myself not in favour of our very own traditional dances like Dikir Barat or Sumazau..I certainly think it’s way better than Haka though..

Okay, I know it’s kinda unrelatively suitable to perform slow-mo movements like Dikir Barat or Sumazau in a rough game like rugby..

But I think they can innovatively perform the Dikir Barat in a much more aggresive and rough moves and chants..

You can even chant and shout “MY PANTAT YOUR PANTAT ALL PANTATS HOOOOOOO~!!“..

You don’t have to care if the foreigners understand it or not..We don’t understand the Haka chants neither, coz it’s a foreigner language of the Maori..

Yeah right..Talk about harrassing and abusing the nice and fine movements of the dances..Wtf..

Well HELLO~!! It’s way better than promoting other countries’ culture..Promote Malaysia‘s tourism my ass~!! Ya heard me.!!

This is one of the examples, Malaysians are not Malaysian enough to love Malaysia..

We don’t tend to be creative and take the iniative to show the whole world what Malaysia is, but we always promote other countries’ cultures..

Haka is just one of it..Think about “Dae Jung Gum“, a Korean drama that promotes their very own culture..

I think that’s all for my rants..Will be back with another issue of stupidity in the near future..

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