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Monday, 16 October, 2006

Gigantic Tong Yun @ Klang

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I had been to Klang with some of my friends to have some dessert after a fulfilling dinner..

I have no idea what is the place called..Somewhere nearby Tesco, Giant, and Econsave..Wtf..

The Chinese restaurant is somewhere in the middle of whole lots of shoplots..Err, whatever..

We had Tong Yun, some kinda dough balls that Chinese community eats Chinese New Year’s eve, wedding day’s eve, and whole lots more occasion that I don’t know of..

The Tong Yun sold here is so big, and I really mean BIG~!! It’s bigger than your balls in any way..

Let’s proceed to the pics..

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*Restoran Park Shean*

In Chinese, it’s actualy Pat (8) Sin, translated as The Eight Gods/Angels, literally speaking..

What a lame name for the direct-translation..Hahahaha..

It’s a normal Chinese restaurant, where stalls everywhere selling noodles, chicken rice, duck rice, etc etc..

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*The Tong Yun stall*

Their Tong Yuns are definitely fresh..They’ll only mould the Tong Yun dough when there is an order from customers..

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*The dessert*

How big it is.?? See what I mean..

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*The Tong Yun*

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*Big, humongous, gigantic, large, huge, etc etc*

Just compare the size of the Tong Yun and the spoon..It’s a tad bigger than rambutan (or AT LEAST the same size)..

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*The filling*

The Tong Yun filled with grained peanuts (I don’t what is it called)..You know, the same filling like Loh Mai Chi..

Well, the Tong Yun dough layer is not too thick..The thickness is just perfect, coz if it’s too thick, you’ll be dead to chew the dough..It’s tiring..

The grained peanuts are nothing of special..Just normal taste like what we got in Loh Mai Chi..

Lastly, the soup/water is not very thick..The sweetness is just nice..Ginger is one of its ingredients too..

When you sip the soup/water and swallow down right, you’ll feel it burning from inside..It’s all because of the ginger..

It’s nice to drink during cold weather..

The price is quite reasonable (I guess)..For 13 bowls with two balls of Tong Yun costed us RM18.90 or somewhere that price..I have forgotten..

Oh, by the way..Happy birthday to Mandy..Thanks for the dinner and sorry for the late present..Will get it as soon as possible Tongue


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