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Tuesday, 17 October, 2006

I’m A Certified Guiness Brewer

Filed under: Alcoholism & Nightlife, Parody & Funny — Yatz @ 11:12 pm

No kidding~!!

I even got a certification for it..

Don’t believe it.?? See for yourself..

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*Jenkin Yatz, the Class ‘A’ Master Brewer*

Yeap..I just graduated today from the Guiness Brewing Diploma Course at the Guiness Holdings..

I had been attended part-time classes for nearly 6 months or so..

You can ask me from A to Z about brewing..Wtf..There’s hundreds of shits of Diplomas available in this world..

For further details on how to attend the Guiness brewing course, check out Guiness : Share The Greatness for further details..



  1. There is a God! That is absolutely the most brilliant thing I’ve ever heard of!

    Comment by Rick Cutlip — Tuesday, 31 October, 2006 @ 6:23 am

  2. Rick Cutlip >> err..u were saying.? it’s actually a parody..there’s no Diploma of this exists..check out the website..and get yourself one too..LOL

    Comment by Yatz — Tuesday, 31 October, 2006 @ 5:58 pm

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