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Thursday, 19 October, 2006

Nice to Play With Formal Attires

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I saw kinda interesting in my neighbourhood..

From my house balcony, we could see road junctions, playground, shoplots, food stalls, and even a surau kinda mosque *wtf*..

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*From my flat/apartment balcony*

You can see heaps of vehicles passing by the stretch of road because it’s an alternative to the busy road on the Cheras roundabout..

At the playground, there are 2 badminton courts without any nets..

When I was looking up in the cloudy sky where it was going to rain with thunders howling everywhere, I spotted something amiss..I mean, funny..

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*See the circles*

Yes..There were a bunch of guys, around late 20’s or early 30’s of age, playing badminton there..

When I saw them playing there, the first thing in my mind was the cars parked by the roadside..

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*The guys playing doubles game*

I was dumbfucked when I looked at these fellas definitely respect these fellas..

They actually wore jeans, slacks, and shirts to play the game..

Together with the cars parked by the roadside, it gave me an impression that they were actually car-pooling and going everywhere without any definite destination..

When they passed by the playground and saw the badminton courts, they just got off their cars and play badminton there and then because they equipments were all in the car trunk..

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*Now you see the Proton Gen2*

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*Now you don’t*

So actually the Gen2 parked there was just a coincidence..Not theirs..

However, what got laughed at them was not only their attires..But also the weather..

Look at the badminton that I sketched below..

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*The badminton court*

As i said earlier in this post, the sky was cloudy and thunders howling everywhere in the city, and of course it was quite windy..

So based on the sketch, the wind was blowing from Side A to Side B..

Hence, a doubles game was actually playing on one side of the court, which is Side B..

Why.?? Because the shuttlecock is too light to resist the blowing wind..

In the end, the shuttlecock would go further down on the Side B and eventually gone out of line..

So how good a player is would not determine the winner, but the wind will..

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*Pack things up*

Albeit the thunders’ howl and wind, they continued with their games..

They only stopped when it started to rain..Stupid guys..


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