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Sunday, 22 October, 2006

Should We Wish Selamat Hari Raya.?

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Here’s another food for thought that’s worth to argue..

Recently, Mohd Fauzi Mustaffa (head of Takaful Malaysia’s Syariah Department) said that Muslims cannot wish the Indians Happy Deepavali or such..

What’s more to combine both celebrations into Deeparaya..It’s definitely a no no religion wise..

It’s said to be haram (blasphemous) to wish other religions’ (such as Deepavali) festivities..

This made the Muslims looked SO selfish..They just live on their own and not intended to live a harmony life with other people who is non-Muslim..

Okay, maybe this ‘theory‘ applies to countries like Arab Saudi, Iraq, Iran, or any Middle East Muslim countries..

Though I don’t think it’s suitable for a multi-racial country like Malaysia..

If this happens, Malaysians wouldn’t live in unity because of this stupendous barrier..

To make things worse, if Islam doesn’t allow its followers to wish other religion’s festivities, then I don’t think it will allowed anything vice versa-ly..

Meaning, other races who are non-Muslims are not allowed to wish the Muslims Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri..

Then I don’t think Malaysian culture of ‘open house’ is applicable in this matter..I mean, not to other religions..

In the end, you’ll only see MOSTLY Malays (not all Muslims are Malay), go in and out of any open houses of the Muslim/Malay politicians, during Hari Raya..

Only Indians who celebrated Deepavali go in and out of Datuk Seri Samy Vellu‘s open house..

Only Chinese who celebrated Chinese New Year go in and out of Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting‘s open house..

If a Muslim can’t even wish other religions for their special celebrations, so I don’t think celebrating other religion’s festivites is accepted in this matter..

Street parties to celebrate Christmas should not be held in the first place because Malays (Malaysian Malays are all Muslims) were seen celebrating it as well..

It’s even blasphemous to celebrate Christmas because Chritmas Day was the day where Jesus Christ was reborn after his death, following of the crucifixion..

So, will this multi-racial country stand united in the coming years if this remark takes hold of its stupidity position in every Muslims’ heart..

For me, I don’t think Malaysia will be a country of multi-racial that live in harmony anymore..

Well, no pun intended..I apologize if anything I have said offended any religions/races directly or indirectly involved in my thoughts and discussions..

And I also apologize if anything I said is not true or accurate of its religion’s teachings, races, or anything..

It’s just my thoughts and what do you expect from the jack of all trades..

Me, as a Malaysian, truely hope that we will all stand united and live in peace and harmony..

Anyway, it’s your choice to welcome my greetings or not..

Happy Deepavali and Happy Hari Raya Aidil Fitri..

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  1. When Mohd Fauzi Mustapha said that, he must have a reason for saying it.It’s not like he said for fun. I always know why actually muslims are not allowed to wish Happy Deepavali etc to non-muslims.Firstly,Deepavali is a religious celebration same goes to Chritmas. Whereas Chinese New Year is a race celebration.That’s 2 different things.About the deeparaya thingy, it is as if the two religions came,born from the same god when there’re not.It does have a religion connection.We are not selfish but we are more sensitive about this.We don’t want to build the confusion.Like people would say, it’s better to prevent than curing. As a malaysian, I do want to live in harmony but each and everyone of us must have the respect,sensitivity towards each other.Sorry for discussing about this sensitive matter and please be more sensitive about this.Thank you.

    Comment by dhirah — Sunday, 5 November, 2006 @ 9:48 pm

  2. dhirah >> yeah..i’m aware that Deepavali is actually a religious celebration..although the phrase deeparaya is a bit of lack respect to both religion, but i dun think wishing or greeting each other would be THAT bad..i mean, we are living in a multi-racial country..not to wish/greet other religions’ celebration i dun think is a wise idea..
    thanks for sharing your thoughts though 🙂

    Comment by Yatz — Monday, 6 November, 2006 @ 12:04 pm

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