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Saturday, 4 November, 2006

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2006 Ended With Sadness

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MEI LING LOST THE TOP SPOT WUU HUU HUUUUUUUUU *hands up on your eyes level and scrub both eyes profusely*

Our lovely pretty friend No.4 Lam Mei Ling lose her top spot in Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2006 (MACIP 2006) to No.8 Novel~!!! Wtf~!!

And the above-average-pretty contestant No.5 Josephine was in 3rd-place..It’s so, so, so..Err..Unreal.??

If Mei Ling lose her virtually-almost-in-hand-crown to Josephine then I got nothing to say..

But the contestant No.8 Novel, couldn’t answered the question she chose smoothly, ‘braked‘ here and there..

It’s so unfortunate to lose to her~!!

Or should I say actually it’s quite fortunate for Mei Ling to be in the Top 5.??

Because earlier on, the Top 5 contestants consisted of No.8 Novel, No.5 Josephine, No.6 Cally, No.7 Rachel, and No.3 Mei Si, if I’m not mistaken..

Sad to be true, Mei Si shouldn’t be in the Top 5 at the first place..Mei Ling and the other eventual Top 5 finalists deserved it..

But I would prefer No.9 Goey rather than No.7 Rachel..Her look just isn’t kinda right for a beauty contest Tongue

She’s, err, not quite pretty..Even No.1 Clare also prettier than her, but losing all the way..

Clare‘s “Talent Performance” was not a good thing..She’s just too soft on the drums..

Back to No.3 Mei Si..Her Cantonese sucks big time man..I guess her votes started to drop after her “Talent Performance”..

Her voice, I mean, Cantonese really sucks Hades out of hell when she was singing the Chinese opera..

And for No.6 Cally..I don’t think gimrama kinda thingy would impress the judges for a 22 years old beauty pageant contestant..

Same thing goes to No.2 Sue Ann..Modern and Latin dance altogether.?? I thought I would be watching some bootylicious Shakira-booty-shaking skills..

Somehow, only normal Jalan P. Ramlee clubs dance I can see..Nothing to hoo-hah about..

No.5 Josephine‘s performance was kinda interesting..I thought she’s going to win the “Best Talent Performer” title..

Somehow, our friend Mei Ling got it with her spear-wielding stance..I heard she learned it from a national level wushu master or something..

And to add to her credits, she also won the title for “Best Swimsuit” or such kinda title, with the figure of 33.5, 23, 35.5..That’s what I heard Big Smile

Not enough.?? She also won the title for “Best Actor (She’s an actress of courseIn a Sketch” or such similar name kinda category..Sorry for not knowing the name..

And oh, No.10 Catherine‘s boobs kinda big-sized..Wahahaha *devilish laughs and grins with drools*

Ok-lah..Let’s get something to laugh about..Something nicely parodied on the screen..

MACIP 2006 winner, No.8 Novel just doesn’t deserved the crown..You know why.??

Sarcastically, the crown fell off her head when she was about to parade..Looks like she just doesn’t deserved the crown huh Tongue

*Light beams with a husky voice from above* “I call upon Lam Mei Ling..The crown and title is now yours because Novel couldn’t fit into it..I guess it’s just fate that the crown doesn’t belongs to you, my dear Novel..Try again next year..”

At the end, it seems like everyone else was comforting Mei Ling that she didn’t won the contest..Or perhaps they were just cock-talking to each other..Hahaha..

Don’t be too sad my lovely friend Mei Ling..It’s just not your luck, perhaps..

Anyway, here, I still congratulate you for getting the 2nd-place, although you really deserved the crown..Really..

And to fans, families, and friends of those contestants that I’ve condemned in this entry, sorry for that..

It’s just my thoughts..If you react to my thoughts, means I’m right to condemn each of the contestants, perhaps because I know Mei Ling personally, and I really do think that she deserves the crown..



  1. Thank you for emphasis my name in the first place.
    yoU MAKE me noticed. Thank you.

    I wish I could meet you personally, your english is superb impressive. Congrats.

    Comment by meisi — Tuesday, 7 November, 2006 @ 6:09 pm

  2. meisi >> err..*ahem* i really don’t know what to say make me go gagaga..don’t tell me you googled your name and eventually you found my blog.?!
    you can see my pics in my actual blog if you so want to =.=||| *wtf*
    and oh, btw, my English sucks..and congrats to u too coz your Cantonese sucks big time too..LOL

    Comment by Yatz — Tuesday, 7 November, 2006 @ 6:18 pm

  3. finally de contest was end!!!!honestly,when i watch de “audition special” of tis contest,it was really attractive,al de gals r stunning n gorgeous!!but after i saw de finalist choosen by our brilliant judge buatan is super duper totally disappointed me!!!50% of de 9 contestant is -bravo !!!( mind de -ve sign),no no…sorry,should b 50% of of 10,we cant 4get our very super duper outstanding gal – no3 – miss fong mei si.for us ( me n my frens),she is de most special 1 among al de finalist within tis great 9 years,especially her talents,chinese opera… to lau mei kei (contestant of astro talent quest 2005,who sing chinese opera too).meisi really giv us very super duper deep impression,i thk i will nvr 4get her performance…especially when i listen to a BROKEN cd (wow!cd quality wo…not bad)
    n de nite,de state kinda simply….not as grand as b4….cutting cost huh???my gf say she appear in astro show( need to talk alot n heavy make up) ,they only pay rm50,while ntv7 pay rm100 for each audience ( talk”less”)!no wonder astro earn alot n provide consumer a super duper best quality entertainment,but limited by rain la~(sigh…raining season now)
    personally,i kinda support no 5 – Josephine ( coz she is short hair!!!)n mei ling oso very beautiful…..js wondering y she is not in top 5 b4 de final nite…..n oso super duper curious y meisi in top 5,i tot she will b de top 1,coz she really outstanding!!n de winner – novel,de eyes is fascinating,but duno y owaz look sad saja…..
    if an award is giving to tis “Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2006 ” show,i would like to present de “best comedy of de century” award for it!!

    Comment by haf fatslim heng — Tuesday, 7 November, 2006 @ 8:09 pm

  4. addtion comment :contestant no 1,4,5,6,8 is de 50% of de 9 finalist is NICE looking….( sorry again!!is 10 finalist included outstanding meisi!!).n other 40% – js a lil comment – pls leave de finalist space to de gals tat can make audiences’ eys more comfort~
    n last 10% – goey,ga yau!u’r really good in singing,like ur performance,if u more “fang”,will b perfect!

    Comment by haf fatslim heng — Tuesday, 7 November, 2006 @ 8:19 pm

  5. haf fatslim heng >> wah..really long wo..i think u can write your own blog dy..hahaha..

    Comment by Yatz — Wednesday, 8 November, 2006 @ 2:03 am

  6. MayShit Number 5 is damn ugly

    Comment by MayShit — Friday, 24 November, 2006 @ 1:44 pm

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