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Sunday, 5 November, 2006

Me Myself & I Contest Shocking Winner

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Xfresh’s camwhoring Me Myself & I Contest has ended with a drama and also unexpected results..

For the first couple of weeks, I was one of the strong contenders with Bryanchin, kelvin-something, ryunsm00, and then joined by mamoyo when I was about to give up (anyone left out.??)..

I had led the contest for few times, then slipped down slightly among the Top 4..

When I was comfortably leading with roughly few thousands of votes, my Streamyx konek-syen had some problem (thanks to TMNut) and as a result, I lost my lead..

Then when I was about to give up the contest, mamoyo came into the picture and all fans of her blog were supporting her like hell..

Her votes rocketted with a sudden rush to become one of the contenders in just few days..

Then suddenly came sameon, whom got 1 million votes in just 1 week..I didn’t noticed it at all when a friend told me about it..

Then I just gave up the whole thing coz I’m losing 500k of votes to sameon..Not much friends supported me..

However, thanks to Gilbert, BeeYan, Kinyu, Deral, Nick, Hikaru, and some others who have had helped me out on the votings..

Then suddenly ryunsm00 kicked all out the contestants’ butt to lead the contest, outwitted sameon as well..

So I thought it was the game of both of them..It’s either one of them to be the winner..

When the result was out few days ago, I checked on it and I got a shock *wet in my pants*..

The winner is some other people, that is zoeliam..Wtf~..Where the hell did this girl came out from.?

Actually I’m aware of her existence but didn’t know she’s one of the contenders as well..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The eventual winner, zoeliam*

Hence the winner of the Sony T30 is this girl here..

I know she has a blog’s zoeliam-dot-something-dot-com..Couldn’t remember it..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

*The second winner and top voter*

Then ryumsm00 came in 2nd-place to win the 4GB Ipod Nano..

Nonetheless, sameon too won something from his hardworks..He won the 2GB Ipod Nano for casting to the most votes in this Me Myself & I Contest..

Asta la vista babey..


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