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Wednesday, 6 December, 2006

FESPIC Games..Amusing or Interesting.?

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Anyone knows about the FESPIC Game ’06 which held recently in Kuala Lumpur.?

At first, I thought it was a game which requires the contestants to take pics of whatever the theme is..

Until I saw the thing on TV..Actually it’s some kinda sports game for the disabled (OKU – Orang Kurang Upaya)..

After watching for only 30 minutes of highlights on RTM1, I don’t know what kind of feeling should I have in me..

Should I feel sympathy, happy for them, or sorry for them.?

They were just like puppets doing some stupid performances for us to laugh about..

I’m very sorry for being to feel it this way, but I really thought it’s REALLY funny to watch them played the sports..

Watching wheelchair-bound people to play tennis, don’t you think it’s funny and amusing.?

They have to be strong on their hands to push the wheels to reach for the ball..And the rules were changed just to suit them..

The ball can be bounced twice before you hit the ball..Eventually it’s kinda difficult for them to chase for the ball because they are wheelchair-bound..

That’s not all..Have you ever watched wheelchair-bound people play fencing.?

Two chairs are being placed facing each other on a certain fixed distance..

All the players have to do is bend over their body towards their opponent and stretch out their hand to hit on their opponent’s body..You get what I mean.?

It’s like, you can’t avoid from being hit because the chair is fixed to the stage, and if you have the longer hand than your opponent then you’ll get an easy victory..

I was like WTF watching them played..WTF~..

But, there were still some sports worth mentioning and give them an applause..Sports such as bowling and swimming..

The bowlers were all BLIND..Yea, you heard me, and they were DOUBLE blinded because they were blind-folded..

Not to mention they could managed to get a strike, they could even managed a spare in most of the games, if not all..

I really salute these bowlers..They were blind-folded and still managed to get a strike or spare..

Even most of us normal-healthy homosapiens couldn’t spared the remaining pin(s)..

And for swimming, the swimmers were armless, and that made them can swim like a fish..Isn’t that incredible.?

Okay, anyway, my whole purpose of this post is not to insult the disabled or any wheelchair-bound people..

I mean, they can still enjoy the sports, perhaps not in a serious competition..

It makes them look like a puppet or clown, well, for me, at least..

Well, just my thoughts..No offence..Adios and support our Malaysia team in the Doha Asian Games..


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