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Thursday, 7 December, 2006

Apology To The Disabled Ones

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Okay..I know I have offended the disabled ones who reads blogs, and those who felt they are SO righteous and caring..

I would like to CLARIFY that my previous post, FESPIC Games..Amusing or Interesting.?, has NO intention to insult the disabled ones, directly or indirectly..

I apologize if I’ve offended any of you, especially Peter Tan, one of the famous bloggers around, who is wheelchair-bounded..

Perhaps my writings gave the wrong impression of how I felt about the Game and the disabled ones..

I feel sorry for them to be treated that way, because I felt so..I ain’t a hypocrite..

I mean, I don’t mind to be friended with disabled people or even Down Syndrome people..

But, if I ever have those kind of friend(s), I wouldn’t want to see them playing the sports, because it’s just not right for them to play..

Okay, I’m not supportive enough as a friend it may seems..But I wouldn’t like to see my disabled friends making fun of themselves in front of the world..

Let’s say, if they can adjust the rules just to suit the disabled in tennis, perhaps they should do more than that..

Maybe they just make a smaller court for them to play instead of using the usual standard courts..

If you can say that the original rules are unfair to the disabled, then the whole thing is unfair.!!

They can’t run like normal people to reach for the ball..They can’t jump to reach for a high ball..

To make matters worse, RTM1 commentator said something that I felt it’s more insulting than anything I’ve said..

The players (wheelchair-bound) just sticked to their own courtside’s backline to play the game, most of the time..

And the commentator goes something like this, “Kedua-dua pemain sedang bermain di kawasan garisan sendiri..Nampaknya kedua-dua pihak sedang mengatur taktik/strategi untuk menguasai permainan..

This statement doesn’t shows that they are merely playing with their own strategies or tactics or anything..

It’s just that if they stay close to the net, they wouldn’t be able to reach for any powerful balls that goes beyond the line close to the net..

I felt the whole thing was funny, because the organisation that came up with the Games idea or some helpers are just hypocrites..

They just want to show the world how GOOD they are to the disabled..Some may be sincere in what they did, some may not..

I didn’t say that I looked down or laughed at the daily tasks being done by the disabled or Down Syndrome people..

It’s true that disabled and Down Syndrome people cannot do things like normal people do..But they still got their own use and many of them able to show it to the world..

Do you think wheelchair-bound people can play football.?? NO.!! They CANNNOT.!!

But, can they play basketball.?? YES.!! They CAN.!!

Do you think armless people can play basketball.?? NO.!! They CANNOT.!!

But, can they play football.?? YES.!! They CAN.!!

Do you think wheelchair-bound people can work in delivery services industry such as postman or whatever delivery-man.?? NO.!! They CANNOT.!!

But, can they work in an office and be a successful/professional IT programmer or IT manager or whatever high posts it is.?? YES.!! They CAN.!!

So, you still want to say that you are SO caring and kind and all these stuffs are so unfair.?? You are just being a hypocrite..

It’s NOT unfair..It’s just the way of life..I know, it’s not for them to choose to be disabled..Who wanted to be disabled anyway.?!?!

Or do you still want to say that I INDIRECTLY insulted these people.??

Let’s take something in my real life experience for example..

If you are one of the OKUs (Orang Kurang Upaya – Disabled People), you would know that Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, is a place that is FULL of BLIND people..I mean, EVERYWHERE.!!

You can see them in every 10-20 steps you have walked..

When I was a kid, I hanged out with my cousin a lot, who stayed in Brickfields previously..

One day when we (with some friends) were on our bicycle, we bumped into a couple of blind people..

They were asking for directions, yet, they were blind..So we brought them around with the address provided by them..

But to no avail, we couldn’t find the address..It’s said that they were looking for a new-found friend that they got to know somewhere on the road or pasar malam or something..

After asking and searching around, it seems that neither the address nor the person exist in that area..

The blind couple were being fooled.? I don’t know..Still, I’m proud with what I’d done although it wasn’t a success..

Yea right..Call me a liar or making up stories..Whatever you like to say..

Then, I recalled during my secondary days, there was a student, of my junior, was on a wheelchair..

Any of my schoolmates from St Gabriel’s would know what I’m talking about..But if only they did noticed this poor fella..

So, are you telling me that I’m not aware of my surroundings and I’m not alert enough.?

I doubted that most of my friend noticed or remembered about this, if not all..

The school had to make a flat slightly steep lane on stairs just for the student to move around..

And the whole class which were supposed to be on the first floor, shifted to the ground floor just for him..

Almost everyday, if not everyday, he got 2 friends to be his companion..

They pushed him to the class, to the canteen, to the toilet and where ever..

They even helped him on his nature calls..Now I call that real good friends..And oh, they were just around Form 1 or Form 2 back then, if I’m not mistaken..

Good friends it may seemed..They still have their own life, such as play happily with other students during outdoor/field activities..

Here’s something that I thought you would take it as an insult..So, they question is, how you will think of the following statements..

Situation : They are going off to play with others on the field during outdoor activities..

Statement #1

Good Friends : Hey, are you okay here alone while we play with others.?

Wheelchair-bound : Yea sure, just go ahead..It’s not that I can play with you guys though..

Good Friends : Okay..Catch up with you later..

Statement #2

Good Friends : Hey, do you want to play with us.? (this is a stupid question)

Wheelchair-bound : Nah, never mind..I’m fine here all alone..I’ll just read some books..

Good Friends : Okay..Catch up with you later..

Statement #3

Wheelchair-bound : Hey..Can I join you guys in the game on the field.?

Good Friends : Umm, well, yea sure..Why not.? (trying not to upset him with negative words)

So off they went pushing him to the field to join with the others..So do you think he can move around smoothly on the field with that wheelchair.??

If you are given these choices, with statement do you think is best suitable for you to use in that situation.?

Statement #1 : You are actually INDIRECTLY insulting him because you couldn’t bring him to the field because of the wheelchair..

Or maybe he just think you are being nice to him of not trying to leave him alone there..

Statement #2 : Nothing more to say..It’s a DIRECT insult to him because he can’t move around to play with you..

Or maybe the wheelchair-bound person will take it nicely and think you are just being nice to ask..

Statement #3 : For him to ask “Can I join the game?“..For sure you can’t say “NO~!! How can you join us with that wheelchair.?!“..It’s a DIRECT insult..

If you say “Yes, sure you can join us“, then you are actually being a hypocrite because wheelchair doesn’t move around smoothly on fields, especially those with long grass and bushes around..

Okay, or you are just trying to be good because you guys are good friends..

In the end, he’ll just moving around on the potholes on the field and bumping here and there, feeling uncomfortable..

As a result, the 3 of you guys couldn’t play the game with the others..

So, with of the statements will you choose.? Or you have something in mind that you think wouldn’t DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY insulting him.?

See, it’s an insult or not, it’s just up to that particular person..It depends how the disabled person thinks..

You can’t take everything seriously because you are the one who will lose..

I do believed there were some disabled people who wouldn’t accept any help or encouragement from family, friends, authorities, or anyone..

They will think it’s an insult to them as they need help from the others..They strongly believed they can do things on their own..

So, in this matter, can I say you, sincere or hypocrite helpers, are actually insulting the disabled people.?? No.?

But it’s definitely an insult to them..Can’t I say it’s an insult even if that particular disabled person thought so.??

Anyhow, if you guys still want to think and say that I’m a discriminist (is this word exist.??), just go on..

I’m true to myself, and I DON’T LOOK DOWN on the disabled and Down Syndrome people..

The whole thing is funny because the CONCEPT is funny, NOT the people..

Think whatever you like, say whatever you like..Continue with my ‘Journey‘ if you like, buzz off if you don’t like..

That’s all I wanted to say..Asta la vista..



  1. Great

    Comment by Eladio — Wednesday, 10 January, 2007 @ 6:09 am

  2. Google is the best search engine

    Comment by John Davies — Tuesday, 16 January, 2007 @ 7:46 pm

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