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Sunday, 10 December, 2006

Sexy Attires – You Fine, I’m Not Fine

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As everyone already knew, Kelantan ruling-party, PAS, had proposed a silly law/rules/policy or whatever you want to call it..

It’s the dressing code of female staff in restaurants and retail outlets..And they going to fine RM 500 on those against the law, which is dressing sexily..

No more so-called sexy dressings and revealing clothes to prevent rapes, indirectly, that is..

Even the Muslims thought it’s quite an absurd law..Not to mention the non-Muslims..

How dumb it is for the state governing body to make such rules..And the reasons given (indirectly) were as followings..

Women being raped because they wear low-V neckline blouse that exposed TOO MUCH of cleavage..

Women being raped because they wear tops and pants that are tight body-fitting that exposed the beauty of Her body curves..

Which means they also ban (a.k.a discriminate) females with big-sized boobs and big-sized hips and butt..

Women being raped because they wear see-through tops and pants, and also loose shirts, hence guys could peep into it when they bend down..

Women being raped because they wear bras with lacy and flowerish patterns that could be easily imprinted on the shirts..

Women being raped because they wear micro mini skirts that could be easily peeped from underneath when they are going up/down stairs or escalators..

Women being raped because they didn’t wear headscarves (tudung), hence the fragant of their hair could be smell by some psycho from behind..

Women being raped because they wear sleeveless shirts, thus revealing too much of their fleshy (Read: FAT) arms and hairy armpits..

Women being raped because they didn’t wear full-length tudung and cloaks a.k.a ninja, likewise as we can see those females from Middle East..

Women being raped because they wear sandals that exposed their toes, thus aroused the psycho guys who like to lick every inch of the toes..

Women being raped because they wear baby tops that reveals their navel, and low-cut jeans/pants that reveals their butt-crack..

That’s roughly how they explain why so many rape cases occurred in daily life..

So, they didn’t thought rape has anything to do with the rapist particularly..

Everything is blamed on the women, women, women, and women, and no one but women..

They thought males are so much superior than the females that males can do anything, walk the walk and talk the talk without reasonable reasons/excuses..

Someday, Kelantan will be so far behind from Kuala Lumpur, and no one is going to live there anymore..

What for to stay in Kelantan wearing the only few selected brands that have the clothes that meet the stupid criteria..

Why not stay in Penang or Kuala Lumpur for a vast of branded clothings..

You want showing your navel.? No problemo..You want cleavage.? Show us more..You want butt-crack.? I don’t mind..You want bare-back.? Ride on..

Until someday, they’ll propose another stupid idea of their own..Or they just plagiarizing mine if it will ever propsed to the Cabinet or whatever..

No female is allowed to be on the street at night because some guys have just finished watching some porns at home, thus, it’s your own fault if you are being raped..

How bout that.?? Not a bad one eh.? Hehe..

Let’s just sit down here in Kuala Lumpur and any other states and enjoy the show..I bet it’s much more interesting than any movies in the cinema..

And mind you, it’s free, or just costs you around RM 1.20 everyday for a newspaper..


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