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Monday, 18 December, 2006

Ahmoi@Zouk, Members Play The Game – Part 3

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Aaah..It’s time to continue my Ahmoi @ Zouk Series before it’s outdated..

So after the catwalk in Part 2, we had a simple game to start off as the ice breaker among the members..

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*Fuzz the man*

Okay..I have to admit that Fuzz is really a MAN..Without knowing what’s the game, he walked onto the stage as the first participants..

Then the emcee said it’s just a drinking game..Drink beer to be precise..

Aah, wtf..Drink beer only is it.?? Then I joined the fun with Fuzz also-lah..

Then out of nowhere James followsuit *sweats*..Okay..Now we had 3 friends on stage to play the game..

And if I’m not mistaken, when I walked onto the stage, some guys cheered from the crowd..

I’m not sure whether they cheered for me because I looked like a girl or they cheered for the lady on stage..Wtf..Whatever..

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*L-R >> James, The Lady, The Guy, Fuzz, and Me (Yatz)*

So the game was easy..Who finishes the glass of beer first, that’s the winner..Of course, we drank with a tiny miny straw..

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*The game starts*

Okay, I know I do looked like a girl from behind..Duh..

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*James finished first..See, he puts down the glass first*

Saja cover my face don’t want let you guys see..Hahaha..

Okay, so James declared as the winner and got an Ahmoi T-shirt..

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*The Queens again*

So after the game, these Queens came out on the stage again with a different outfit..

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*Why they isolate Yi Fan.??*

They just stood there and camwhored for the cameramen..And oh, Contestant No.4’s name is Yi Fan~!! Not Yi Zan..Not Ms Whatever..

Hahaha..At last..Thanks to the person who lets me know..

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*Contestant No.5 Nicole*

Why suddenly there was a fifth contestant.?? *puzzled*

Actually, there were 5 of them..Unfortunately, something happened to No.5’s make-up (thanks to the make-up artist), she had to forgo the catwalk earlier on..

And now she’s back in action..

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*Nicole’s Q&A session*

Mr Emcee : Pity girl has to forgo the catwalk..Nah..I break mic’s T&C..Now take my mic and talk as much as you want..

Nicole : Err..Hehehe, say what.? Say what.?

Eve : *In her mind* Oh my god..I’m so hungry now..Forgo you head-lah..I had to forgo my dinner just now just for this contest..Shit you..

Cynthia : *In her mind* Sheesh~~It’s so hot up here..Or am I the hot one.?? I mean..I am the hot one~!! LOL~!!

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*L-R >> Doreen, Cynthia, Eve, Yi Fan, and Nicole*

After introducing Contestant No.5 Nicole, the event continued with another game..

This time it was involving the Queens and fellow crowd/spectators/clubbers/Ahmoi members..

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*Take your place and get ready*

Here’s a pic of them standing on their respective spots and waiting for the game to begin..

And of course, I’ll leave the the game in the next post entry, Ahmoi @ Zouk, Queens And Clowns – Part 4..

Have a nice day ahead..


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