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Wednesday, 20 December, 2006

XBlogger My Ass

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This topic was ignited by someone’s Kukujiao..He scratched so damn fucking hard and suddenly the kukujiao set ablaze..

And of course, the whole thing is quite true and generally blew its etiquette as a fucking blogger..

You see, this XBlogger is like an X number of bloggers under the domain name..

Instead of oneself control the whole thing, the man-behind-the-scene are trying to get some support from fellow bloggers..

It’s more or less like Rojaks Blog, you get a few fucking contributors and you share your cents and thoughts..

But basically, Wingz is the only person who runs the blog albeit having few ‘partners’ in that particular blog..

Well, Rojakman aside, back to XBlogger frenzy now..

You see, in a blog, we can talk about any fucking topics, from your emo days to your happy days to your boring lecture days to your gay-ish group photo session..What the fuck..

And of course, different topics will be put into different categories accordingly..

Categories can be Movies, Music, Travels, Foods, Gays, Sex, Fucks, and many more..

But for this XBlogger chain, it has separated the categories into different fucking blogs with its own fucking url..

Due to the many different blogs, they sort of spammed PPS just to get the fucking traffic they needed to generate some money through Google Ads..

You could see blog posts from being ping-ed in roughly fucking one fifth of PPS‘ page..

Because of this, our hard-thought posts that were ping-ed in PPS, kicked out of the page in like fucking 5-7 hours, thanks to XBlogger..

Yes, basically they are trying to monopoly PPS by spamming it with their fucking multiple blogs with fucking multiple pings..

On top of that, most of the posts that were being posted are cut-outs from online news and any news article..

This meant XBlogger is just trying to make itself like damn fucking BIG with those online news..

Because if you search for a particular news, one of the blogs will eventually come out as one of the search results..

By that, they’ve gained traffic in the blog, hence helping them to make a fucking fortune on Google Ads and stuffs..

Well, the main point here is, XBlogger is trying to woo readers with its ‘cooked’ materials to boost their fucking traffic and perhaps gain some fucking money..

That’s not all..They are boasting how high their fucking traffic is, how high their fucking ranking is, whatever fucking things that you could think of to boast your superiority..

All the boastings are actually the most fucking lame thing they could have done, because most of their posts were posted without much efforts..

Everyone boasts about their success..I boast about my success on certain posts..

But my posts were all fresh and original from my inner thoughts..

I don’t boast about something that is already there high up in the sky, while I’m just riding on its fame and gaining money from it..

That’s what I called pirated stuffs..We have pirated VCDs, pirated DVDs, pirated softwares, and now we have our very own pirated blogs..

Perhaps they don’t have the important things in a human, which we called the fucking brain and intelligence..

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