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Sunday, 31 December, 2006

Year 2007 = Bad Year For Malaysia

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There are two reactions on the people’s face reading the title now..

It’s either dumbfucked feeling weird or dumbfucked laughing at it..

Why is it so.? Coz most Malaysians, if not all, already knew that the toll price will be increased by few 10 cents on the few major toll plazas..

First of all, the Kesas Highway, which initially was RM1.50, will be increased to RM2.20..

Then the Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP) will increase by 60 cents, which is RM1.60..

Cheras-Kajang Highway will increase by 30 cents..Don’t be too happy..I guess it’s for each toll..If you don’t know, there are 2 fucking tolls from Cheras to Kajang..

So that’s 3 of the 5 tolls that will be increasing the price, which I have to know..The other 2 have nothing to do with me, coz I’m a Cheras boy, for 21 years and still counting..

Anyway, anyone feel weird about this thing here.?

Lots of toll plazas in the Klang Valley and the government is increasing the price of it..How bout Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2).??

That fucking long stretch highway doesn’t has a single toll plaza..And I do meant it’s fucking long stretch highway ait..Not any stupid NKVE or whatsoever..

Why they don’t build 1 or 2 toll plazas there.?? The government’s pocket sure damn fucking full one if there’s any..

What’s the reason of it.?? I don’t want to talk about it..It’s quite sensitive..Think about it yourself..

Now what else.? Ooh..One of the shit-tiest issue of all..Petrol hike, yet again..

It’s rumoured that the petrol price will increase by at least 50 cents..

Actually, is there anyone realise or dare to shout-out about this problem.??

Not long after the price increment here in Malaysia, the international price of petrol had decreased somewhat drastically..

But still, the price in Malaysia is still going steady at RM1.92 per litre and will increase again, soon, soon enough..

Now what’s up with that.?? Too hungry is it.? Not enough eating the money.?

Oops..I have forgotten that these ‘fellas‘ like to spend money on rubbish and nonsense..

A fucking RM490 million sports centre in UK.?? Fuck that~!!

About RM100 fucking million to send an astronaut just to make teh-tarik and play batu seremban in space.?? Fuck that~!!

A 60m-high ferris wheel at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, not KLCC Park nor somewhere around the city center, and they are expecting some income.?? Fuck that~!!

They just don’t learn..Hmm..Why they have to learn anyway.? *shrugs* They are happy with the country’s progress and are happy with the money they got..

Now they are planning Visit Malaysia 2007 (VMY 2007)..Sure have to fork out some money again-lah..

Forking out that time sure got some money spilled out..Then those who has a hand on those project sure will pick up those dropped money..There goes the taxpayers’ money..

How to promote VMY 2007.?? Floods everywhere..Robberies everywhere..Mat Rempits everywhere..

Anyway, VMY 2007 is kinda bullshit..Even us as Malaysian also not aware of the place to have a nice holiday, what can you expect from foreigners.??

Giving them a bad image.? Or hoping them to give us a good image.?

All you promote is the already famous spots and activities like shopping, beach and sand, a stupid 60m-high ferris wheel, and stupid historical Malacca..

Would caucasians come here just for shopping.? I don’t think so..It’s even cheaper to buy in their homeland..

Beach and sand is actually quite good, but all you did is promote Sipadan and Redang..What’s wrong with other islands or beaches.??

Or maybe some places like FRIM, Cherating, Bukit Merah, or such..We want something more exotic..

Honestly, easy money is always come from foreigners coz us, as Malaysians will sometimes find that holidaying locally is NOT that cheap after all..

So why not go overseas, like Thailand or China or Japan.??

Why is Malacca so historic.?? Thanks to the Portuguese occupations.? Then it’s not about Malaysia anymore..Why bother come to Malaysia for Portuguese history.??

What else.? Hmm..I think that wraps up my spontaneous rants on the new year, in less than 20 hours..

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR and hope for the ‘best‘ from our ‘beloved‘ government from tomorrow onwards..

And oh, remember to head to The Curve, Mutiara Damansara to join the Bloggers Gathering cum New Year Countdown, starting at 5pm..

See you guys there..


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