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Wednesday, 31 January, 2007

My 5 Fave Malaysian Bloggers – Meme

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Out of a sudden, I got tagged by AndyLKW..I barely know him..Just know that he always take a look at someone’s Kukujiao..

Anyway, as you can see the title..I have to list out my 5 favourite Malaysian bloggers..

Somehow, I might put them as my favourites but I might not read their blogs as often as my frens read mine..It might just happened that I love their writing style..

So if your blog is not listed here, don’t feel sad coz it’s my TOP 5 FAVOURITE MALAYSIAN BLOGS~!! So, bear with it aite.?

The list goes with no particular order..Here goes..

  • Patrick Teoh – Niamah – No doubt this blog is authored by the former Radio 4 deejay..Much of his rants are about the current issues happening in our beloved stupiak Malaysia..

Most of his post entries, if not all, were either starts or ends with Niamah~!! shout..A form of expression of anger towards something..

  • Earl-Ku – Kukujiao – This bloke has something to brag about..The name itself is already catchy, not to mention the contents in it..

Earl-Ku happened to be my senior during our secondary school time in yesteryears..

I would have to say that thanks to its catchy domain name, it gain popularity quite fast among blog readers..Even if you haven’t read about it,you sure have had heard about it..

Kennysia pimped mocked him once and it’s an instant hit..Thanks to him, we get Playboy mags on PDF format for free download.!! LOL~!!

Anyhow, he’s one fun guy to hang around with, albeit his big kukujiao turns red after few glasses of Stouts, Tuak, and Tequila..LOL~!!

  • ShaolinTiger – This Brit who is working in Malaysia has something to talk about..He’s a Brit and he loves Malaysia..LOL~!! I don’t know, just my guess Tongue

One thing I like about his blog is how he created the so-called “Blog War“..For once, he being the neutral side, stand on the Malaysians ground and help defended some attacks from Singaporean Ah Lian, Xiaxue..

Then when the blogosphere was quiet for some time, he parodied Smashpop as a gay..It’s obviously a joke but too bad some people take it too personally..Let’s have some good laughs aite.?

Besides the wars and all, he’s quite a good photographer as well..Hehe..

She’s so Ayumi Hamasaki-ish..I mean her look, not her singing or voice..No doubt, it’s another bimbo blog in the blogosphere, but I like it.!!

When I visit her blog, I get to see lots of photos of hot chicks..She’s now studying in Japan on a student transfer programme or something..

To Fooxioners, she’s the reason why I use lots of wtf wtf wtf and wtf wtf wtf wtf..She uses the word like nobody’s business..And now she uses Mat 7 (Cantonese term of ‘what the fuck’), too..

And mind you, her parents do read her blog as well, albeit all the foul words that she used..Her parents even commented in her blog wtf..LOL~!!

  • Sensual Sophia – Last but not least, I’ll have to go with Sophia..She might be the apprentice of The Hustler, the one who used to roam blogosphere with his sexy raunchy sex escapades and stories..

I might even say Sophia exceeded Mr Hustler’s writing skill and the way she describe the whole thing..Perhaps she’s a female, so the descriptions are a lot different from a guy’s view..

Again, I don’t really visit her blog much..But then again, I like it.!! LMAO~!! And actually her name dooes rise up fast because of her sexy escapades and all..

Now, you know where to go when you are bored with your porns and Playboy mags *devilish grins*

Okay, that’s all for my meme..Satisfied.? No.? Then tag me again and I’ll do a second round of meme..LOL~!! Joking..

Once again, even if I do read your blog everyday, it doesn’t meant I love your blog, and even if I don’t read your blog, it doesn’t meant I don’t love your blog..

To end this, I shall tag 5 of my friends or whoever that I wanted to..

The people that I’ll tag will be….

  1. Kinyu or Miaka

  2. Slumber Junn

  3. Jen Ni

  4. Mischique

  5. Raymond The Yellow Monsta



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