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Saturday, 3 March, 2007

Tagged – 5 Reasons Why I Blog

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Thanks to Jen Ni, who had tagged me with another meme, quite some time ago..Now only I got the time to reply her tag..

I think I did it before, perhaps a couple of years back..Oh well, I’ll do it again..

So here comes my “5 Reasons Why I Blog”..

  • First and foremost, I blog because it’s fun and helps me release stress and pressure..

I started my blog with personal entries deep down in my heart..But now I’ve changed it drastically just to please my lovely readers..

Even though my readers didn’t leave comments most of the time, but I do know that they are here to check out my entries each and every single day..

I’m motivated when there are readers, and even more motivated when there are comments Wink

  • Secondly, I wanted to improve my command in English language..

Although I studied in so-called English/Malay school, but my grammar suck big time..

I can’t even use the past tenses and present tenses correctly during my late high school times..

I do admit that I’m not that great now, but getting better than yesteryears..Hope I’ll improve my command in English language..

  • Then, I treat my blog as a diary..I hardly write diary or journal back in my schooling days..

As for now, I enjoy reading back my old entries coz they remind me of my past and how I spent my life in ups and downs..

Lots of things happened during my blogging years and I almost forgotten most of the big things happened before..

I recalled the sad and happy moments when I browsed through them once again..

Hopefully I’ll push myself forward and become a successful man in the future, coz human learned from mistakes..

  • Since it’s something like a journal, it keeps my friends stay connected to me..I have known lots of friends from my primary years to my college life..

There are lots of friends out there, but how many of them are my close or good friends.?

Friends come and go just like that..They’ll leave without a trace even though you are very close with them for a enjoying period of time..

Even good friends didn’t keep in touch all the while..But one thing for sure, most of them do stay connected to the Web with our lousy TMNut Streamyx connection..

So the best way for them to keep in touch with me and everyone else is by updating them news about myself in my blog..

  • Last but not least, I’m addicted to this blogging thingy..It’s some kinda trend..

You tell people that you are a blogger everywhere you go..To me, it’s more like a title rather than just another stupid synonym of writer or journalist..

But of course, ones blog has to have contents that are worth-reading, instead of an entry that only have a few words of rants..

E.g – “I’m so angry and feel fucked up today~!! Everything went wrong from the sunrise til now..Don’t ask me anything..I don’t want to talk about it”

Don’t you feel like want to give this blogger gazillions of tight slaps and fuck him/her right there and then.?

It’s soulless, ain’t worth-reading coz the blogger itself don’t even want to talk about it, yet, he/she gives you an intro that suggests something wrong is happening to him/her..

I know..It’s ones’ choice to blog whatever they wanted to..But please don’t spam this kind of entry in PPS..

You are wasting our time and bandwidth and it’ll make more blogger people detest you..Unless you are a problematic person..Then I got nothing to say..

So, that’s all for my ramblings on 5 reasons why I blog..

To end my part, I’ll tag the following people..

  1. Ji-ann
  2. Vincent Lim
  3. William Leong
  4. Charcamayne
  5. Dahlia @ Fuzz

If you have done it recently, I’ll give you a go but you have to comment here with the permalink of that entry..Hehehe..



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    Comment by Alfred — Saturday, 16 June, 2007 @ 9:56 pm

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