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Tuesday, 20 March, 2007

Drive Safely In The Heavy Rain

Filed under: Irritations, Thoughts — Yatz @ 7:24 pm

It’s been raining almost everyday for the past 2 weeks, from afternoon to evening, midnight to dawn..

There’s so much to pour from the sky onto our city..And here goes the usual sights..

Flash floods everywhere, heavy traffic congestions, difficulties in receiving satellite signal from Astro, and many more..You name it..

But there’s something bugging me ever since..Something regarding road safety..

Can you tell me what would you do other than switch on your car wiper if you are driving in a heavy rain during daylight..

I do believed most of the considerate drivers would switch on the vehicle headlights as well..

By turning on the headlights, it will provide safety-ness to oneself and other motorists..

Yes indeed, during daylight, turning on the headlights wouldn’t be much difference to you, coz you can see the road clearly when the sky isn’t dark at all..

The sight of the road is so clear that one might thought there isn’t any car in front or behind them, until the brake light is seen..

But have you ever thought, motorists driving in front of you, behind you, and beside you, might have bad eyesight..

If you didn’t turn on the headlights, a bad eyesight driver trailing from behind might think there isn’t any vehicle in front of them..

Thus, accidents are likely to occur during heavy rain, thanks to these stupid inconsiderate drivers..

They are so selfish that they only think of themselves, but not others..They think everyone has 20/20 vision..

When motorists accidentally bump their vehicle onto those inconsiderate ones, those stupid fuckers will get mad and whole mouth of foul languages keep bombarding the innocent ones..

I totally condemn these fuckers, but it’s still SOMEWHAT acceptable if these stupid fuckers didn’t turn on the headlights..

The worst is they don’t even put on its signal light when they wanted to make a lane-shift, whether it’s left or right..

On the bad side of me, I would love to see these absent-minded motorists involved in accidents..Will be much more happy if they died in the accidents..

However, there’s a solution for bad eyesight, whether during daylight or night-time heavy rain..

Just put on a pair of sunglasses and it will solve the problem..The darker the lenses, the clearer the view..

As for spectacled drivers, like me, I’ve tried putting on those lame 3D paper specs, during heavy rain..

It works of course..Just that it isn’t dark enough..The darker the better, it and looked kinda lame..Hahaha..

Will try to look for clip-on dark lenses or magnetic stick-on eyeglass cum sunglass..

Drive safely, think of your love ones..This is a friendly message brought to you by the one and only Yatz..


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