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Saturday, 28 April, 2007

Reminisce Of My Mom – 1 Year After

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On Friday, 27th of April 2007, was a year after my mom’s death..

Time past as life still goes on..Thinking about the funeral, it seems like just happened yesterday..

The whole event and things still fresh in my mind..It’s been boggling around ever since..

I still remember the moment the doctor told me she had passed away, being the only one there to receive the news first hand..

To be precised, none of the family members was with her when she released her last breath..

It’s not easy to take it all alone by myself..I called few of my closest friends and let them know that my mom had passed away..

It’s not that I wanted to make it a big thing, but most of my friends do know my mom, that’s why..

News spread out with the speed of light..Most of my close friends sent their regards and condolences via sms..

Some of them who barely know my mom, too sent their regards and condolences..Thanks alot for your concern and solicitude..

Things all messed up after my mom’s death..The whole family was disturbed by it and everyone was sad and seems like grieving the whole time..

Arguments happened all the time between family members and everyone was trying very hard to cope with new life..

Anyhow, things are back to normal now and we are on a so-called new life..

Although things are back to normal, I do sometimes recalled what my mom did for us when she’s still around..

We do missed her a lot..Though it might be sad for her to leave us behind, it might be the best path for her to find peace in her life..

It’s so hard for the last 8 years of her life..But she still did what a mom should do without any complain or hesitation..

It’s not the time to regret how we treated her when she’s still around..But it’s time to wake up and start to move forward for the sake of our own, if not for hers..

On Friday, we went to Fatt Wah Temple and had a brief pray to her altar..

Then I looked back on the sms-es that my friends sent to me..I just couldn’t stop thinking about the whole thing..

But I know, I still have my good friends and my beloved family members..

I’m not alone nor my family..Together we will fight through pains and sorrows til the end of time..

We missed you a lot mom..Rest in peace..

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