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Wednesday, 16 May, 2007

Clock Tower And A Waterfall – Stage 2

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So after some renovation by replacing the water pump, hose and rocks, we completed yet another nice thing..

We liked this one because it has a nice effect when the water hit the rocks..It creates a waterfall and also a fountain effect all in one go..

And with the hose hidden under the rocks, it gives a mysterious feeling to on-lookers or passers-by..

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*The water pump beneath the waterfall*

By pumping water from the waterfall pond, we don’t have to pump water from here to the fountain pond and pump from the fountain to the waterfall side back and forth..

The dual water pumping is to balance the water level on both ponds so that water won’t spill out of the pond..

But, by placing the water pump only on the waterfall side and connect the hose all the way to the fountain will solve the water balancing problem..

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*Water gun ala Blastoise of Pokemon*

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*The front view of the waterfall-fountain fusion*

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*The top view*

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*Pah shhaaaa..Pah shhaaaa*

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*This tube enables water to drip on the waterfall for the waterfall effect*

Unfortunately, we have to give this design a go because it wouldn’t work..

The water effect and everything is nice but defects and side effects have to be taken into account..

The water that hit on the rocks would spread all over the place thus wet the floor..

Regard the water pumps and level balancing problem, a slight problem occurred right after we decided to stick with that plan..

Somehow there’s water in the fountain pond, albeit the water is pumped from the other side..

Although the water is not rising in a fast pace, eventually it will spill out, considering the lecturer says the project will be switched on continuously for few days..

So, we have to redo it again..

Stay tune to the next entry on the final completion..

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  1. Great idea.Very creative.Well as for the water spill u can “poke more smaller holes on the hose to lower the impact when hit on the rock.Well.. either way good luck on ur final completion

    Comment by Unknown — Sunday, 20 July, 2008 @ 4:16 pm

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