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Tuesday, 22 May, 2007

Campaign Against Sexist Remark-able

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As everyone already knew, recently two MPs have said something about leakage in the Parliament, and that led to the ‘bocor’ case..

Even with the public apology, I don’t think they were sincere to apologise to all the women, in general..

If they were sincere enough, they wouldn’t denied their ‘bocor’ remark, as it’s already publicly known by the whole nation..

If I’m not mistaken it’s on Youtube as well..

Well, I don’t know..It’s quite a joke, but, if MPs were to joke around about sensitive issues all the times, then racism, sexism, or whatever cism it is, wouldn’t be solved..

The other day, I passed by somewhere Brickfields-Taman Seputeh to go to Midvalley..

Then, on one of the junction before I turned down to the highway where the Volvo showroom is located, I saw this banner hanging there..

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*Banner says, “Sack The 2 BN Sexist MP2*

Is this the only banner around, or there’s still more.?

That’s why, leaders or authorities have to take their words into account before being utterred out from their mouth..

The chances of leaders being condemned for their recklessness are very high..

So, how many of you out there support what the banner says.? Hehe..


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