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Tuesday, 5 June, 2007

SMART Isn’t That Smart After All

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Well, in today’s The Star pullout Metro, there’s nice topic that we should talk about..The oh-so SMART tunnel..Check out the original article here..

As everyone knows, a long heavy downpour on Sunday caused a lot flash flood hotspots, flooded..

And so, as one of Malaysia‘s biggest project and only one of its kind in the world, SMART tunnel came into everyone’s mind..

Hmm..Why isn’t SMART (Storm water Management And Road Tunnel project) being used when there are flash floods everywhere in the KL city center *shrugs*..

So, it caused motorists stucked in the traffic jam and flash floods, and also bumper-to-bumper crawl even though you still can move an inch..

It’s a Malaysian culture..Rain/Heavy Rain equals to traffic jam and flash floods..Berterabur Bravo bravo~!!

When we asked the authorities a.k.a government, why SMART wasn’t being utilised.??

Just a simple answer from our intelligent authorities who think we, taxpayers civilians are dumb, SMART tunnel only designed for storm floods, not flash floods”..

Hmm, how SMART these authorities could be.?? Or, how dumb the public could be.?? The answer is couldn’t be any SMARTer and not as dumb as you thought..

I really wonder, how often do Malaysia have a REAL STORM FLOOD.?? And, how do you define storm flood from flash flood.??

So here’s the definition for Flash Flood and Storm Flood..

I think Malaysia didn’t really had any storm flood before, other than the tsunami which hit the North of Peninsula and the most recent REAL STORM FLOOD in Johor..

Let see, it’s most probably on the North and South of Peninsula..Don’t really think it will hit Kuala Lumpur right.??

They might say, it’s for the emergency, should KL got hit by storm flood there we have the SMART readied anytime *standing ovation and clap hands*..

Even the flash floods that have been happening all this while were quite serious, if not hazardous..

Especially city centers like Masjid Jamek, Puduraya, Jalan Imbi, Jalan Kia Peng, Jalan Ampang, were all hotspots of so-called flash floods that could rise up to the extent of sinking cars to at least half of it..

I guess the authorities will say, “NO, it isn’t serious enough to use the SMART tunnel”..

“Let’s wait until it covers at least half of Menara Maybank, or half of KLCC or KL Tower, or half of Berjaya Times Square”..

“Until everything has loss its value as in ‘total loss’, then only we’ll take action and up for the rescue”..Bullshit and eat my shit..

There’s another doubt that has been playing in my head ever since, how much is the toll for the SMART going to charge.??

After all the money of the taxpayers being splurged on this MEGA project, they going to charge us, the spender, for using that tunnel..

Take note, it’s ok if they want to build it for our good’s sake if they really meant it, but, it isn’t functioning as how the public wanted it to be.??

How pathetic is that, right.?? It’s built for the public but isn’t put to use for the public *pats on own back*..

Well, as a matter of fact, I don’t really care bout the tunnel at all..Not that I’m going to use it after the toll plaza starts to operate..

Just hope that the tunnel wouldn’t collapse..Who knows, the millions or billions of Ringgit being spent on this project might drop out a few millions..

And some parties were so lucky to have found the lost millions of Ringgit and enter straight into their bank accounts..As the saying goes, finders keepers..

Let’s rename the SMART, to become, DUMB, Dungeon Untuk Malaysian Bahlol/Bengang/Bodoh Bangang..

I’m so happy to be a Malaysian..


Looks like we’ll be a powerful nation, but in the end we wouldn’t make it, it’s Malaysia after all..



  1. you said that malaysia is bodoh bangang and etc….but do you realised that you are talking to yourself, you have to thankfull stay in malaysia besides Japan with serious earthquake. if you think that you are very clever, why dont you build your own smart, can you… of course not because you have such a dungu, bahlol, tolol, bangang, bengong, OKU, and all the x ade otak punye orang, keep your mind in your bloody bustard……… conclusion, as a malaysian, im proud to stay here.

    Comment by siti zubaidah — Thursday, 14 June, 2007 @ 2:52 pm

  2. siti zubaidah >> i’m proud to a Malaysian..I’m happy to born in Malaysia..but the governing body makes Malaysia sucks..get it?

    Comment by Yatz — Monday, 18 June, 2007 @ 5:28 am

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