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Tuesday, 12 June, 2007

Flood, Fe-lad, Fu-lat, MA-FU-LAT~!!

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As the title says, MA-FU-LATTTTTTTTTTTTTT~!!! *raise hands up in the air and profusely shaking crotch*

Just like last Sunday, KL had a massive heavy downpour for a consecutive 3-4 hours in the afternoon..

And again, it caused the hotspot areas in KL being hit by so-called flash floods..

Places like Masjid Jamek, Dataran Merdeka, Jalan Tun Razak, Dang Wangi, and Jalan Sultan Ismail got it badly big time..

*Taken from The Star Online*

Photo shows rubbish being piled up along Jalan Dang Wangi..Damn WANGI I tell you..No parfum needed anymore..

Vehicles drowned in Dataran Merdeka’s basement carpark, which the water level rose up to the ceiling and straight up to the surface..

Drainage and Irrigation Department (DID) said SMART would have averted floods, and so they say..

Will it or will it not averted the floods is not the matter anymore..Tragic has already happened and the so-called SMART is not ready yet..

Will it put to good use after this, is another problem..

*Taken from The Star Online*

Photo shows layers of mud covered the road at Masjid Jamek..Isn’t it a nice scenery for our Visit Malaysia 2007 campaign..Sigh *stares blankly*..

Failure after failure the government showed us, from leakage in every corner of government buildings to the bad management to control the flood, Pak Lah wants flood mitigation projects to be speeded up..

Bad drainage and sewage system wouldn’t lead us anywhere other than being hit by floods again in the near future, very soon, I guess..

Thus, Pak Lah wants SMART to be completed faster..After all, SMART is the only project that has connection to lessen the severeness of floods aftermath..

So, these authorities need the PM to order them to work things up, instead of to look into the matters themselves..

It’s very obvious Kuala Lumpur need this SMART functioning well very badly..But still, they are taking they time to get things done..

As usual, when you get screwed by the superior, unwillingly you will try to settle things down in order to please the superior, not the public..

Hence, floodwater diversion part in SMART Tunnel is to be completed ahead of schedule, so DID (Drainage and Irrigation Department) say..

I guess they don’t learn lessons, didn’t they.?? Flood after flood hit KL and they still take things lightly..Berterabur Bravo bravo~!!

So, the free trial of the SMART will be offially ended this coming Thursday midnight, 11.59pm, 14th of June 2007..

And they’ll be charging us RM2 for the time being..Increment is to be expected in three years time..

“It is also an alternative route. Road users can continue to use the existing highway but if you need to speed up your journey, then use the tunnel”, Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said..

If he’s referring to the entrance at Jalan Tun Razak and exit at Sungei Besi, I think he meant something like this..

If road users need to speed up the journey to get stuck in the traffic jam at Sungei Besi exit, you can use the tunnel..

Otherwise, just get stucked all the way from Jalan Tun Razak to Kampung Pandan to Chan Sow Lin to Sungei Besi..

It doesn’t bring much difference after all..Just that you’ll have to pay for that shorter jam..It’s still a jam..

So, if he’s to speak the whole thing in Bahasa Malaysia (duh~), I think it sounds something like this..Read with Bahasa Baku..

“Iye adeleh jalan alternatif..Penggune jalanraye bulih menggunekan, jalan tersebut, untuk sampai ke destinasi lebih cepat, dan sesakkan diri dalam traffic jam juge..Kalo tak mau bolih juge menggune highway yang ade..Sa-me juge ade traffic jam juge *follows with laughters from reporters, and myself – Hahahahahaha*..Mau gune tak mau gune, suka hati you lah..Tapi toll agak mahal jugelah..Takde murah punye”..

It’s just for laughs..No pun intended or what-so-ever..

So, choose your nice Short Cake jam or a Long John Silver jam..Pun intended..

But still, I don’t get it..We are being charged for the utilities that SHOULD BE offered to the public by the government.??

Isn’t the government should provide us good and hassle-free utilities.?? We paid our tax after all..

I don’t want to be hearing to Green Day singing ‘Malaysian Idiot’ one day..

And one more thing..Some people found some lost money for involving themselves in MEGA projects, but why not me.??

I’ve been involving myself in my college’s projects, which are fatal to me coz I have to splurge money on it, instead of picking some money from it..

I really wonder how these people found the lost money..It’s like they know where to find it, then straight deposit the money into their bank accounts..

That’s what I call project makes money, instead of money to make project..

Just hope the DUMB (Dungeon Untuk Malaysian Bangang – a parody nickname for SMART) wouldn’t collapse..

They were short of budget after all..Lost money leh..You think little amount.?? Millions one leh..MA-FU-LAATTTT~!!

Once again, a chant from me..



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