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Thursday, 21 June, 2007

Rape Case On The Rise In JiBai

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Yeap..Shits happen all the time..This time around is rape cases at JB – Jibai a.k.a CheeBye..

Just last week, there were rape cases two days in a row, back to back..

The first case, an 19-years old girl ang-raped by three men..Her boyfriend was being slashed on the leg, thus cannot move around..

So have to sit down diam diam just watching his girlfriend being raped in front of him..So sad..

Another case was a 35-years old woman being gang-raped..A guy friend was also slashed on the leg..

Can’t do anything but sitting beside them and see his friend thoroughly enjoyed by the fuckers..Indeed they are fuckers coz they were fucking wtf..

In today’s newspaper, a school girl of 16-years old were gang-raped..After some arguments with her boyfriend, she went to a park alone..

There, she was harrassed by some motorists at the park..I guessed should be Mat Rempits..

Then they forced the girl follow them to some secluded area and raped her there and then..

And stupid enough, usually rapists will let their victims go..So that they could lodge a police report.??

Then 6-hours later, another rape case in another area in JiBai, involving a 13-years old girl..

A bogus-cop abducted the girl after sending her 14-years old brother home to take their ICs to show him..

When the boy went into the house, the guy drove off to a secluded place and raped the girl..

Surprise surprise, all of these cases happened in JB = JiBai = CheeBye..Lots of cheebye there.? Hmm *shrugs*..

I really wonder what are the authorities doing nowadays..Patrolling.? Catching criminals.? Sitting at mamak stalls.? Sleeping.? Or eating money.??

Case after cases were reported in the media and yet, nothing much could be done..Victims are getting more and more..

Never mind bout speedings..Never mind bout drink and drive..Just find those bozzos will ya.?

Ok..It’s a tad irresponsible if I ask you guys to leave those speedings and drink drivings alone..

Anyhow, fine any amount of these people as you wish but to let go the fucking criminals.?? You are so wrong..

Let see..I recommend that rapists should be castrated, at least 50 strokes of rotan, and 30 years in jail, albeit whatever wrong it is..

Then, these so-called eunuchs will be offered jobs at legal massage parlours and cleaners in whichever government departments..

As long as you force your dick in the opposite sex’s pussy, or in the same sex’s anal, it’s by law you’ll be regarded as rapist or sodomist wtf..

Therefore, you will be sentenced to the maximum penalty..

With that, I do believe between 2-5 years of time, there’ll be a drastic drop in rape cases happening in our society..

None heavy punishment will lead to crimes..

For example, for any individual who caught smuggling/trafficking/carrying a certain amount of illegal drugs, will be sentenced to mandatory penalty..

Even with such a heavy punishment, people are still carrying illegal drugs around, let alone some mre light punishment..Puik..

Should the authorities let off the criminals, the societies are in danger at any time anywhere..

It’s ok if the authorities were alert of such crimes and do their jobs..But hell no..

They take gazillion years to solve the problem and in the end, everything will be forgotten and there goes the criminals..

For those who support my proposal for the punishment, raise your dick high up..



  1. fuck you la jibai kia, lame story

    Comment by uchiha itachi — Tuesday, 20 May, 2008 @ 10:47 am

  2. what lame itachi>? the story nice ma

    Comment by alan — Tuesday, 20 May, 2008 @ 10:48 am

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