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Sunday, 15 July, 2007

Sohai-est Day In My Year/Life

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Yesterday, Saturday, woke up at 8.30am to attend my Maths 2 replacement class at 9.30am..

Out of so many days, it has to be on Saturday wtf..It’s an one and a half hour class, and most probably will end at the hour mark..

But today, some other students used our classrooms, and we had to wait in front of the office for half an hour..

Then we got our midterm results and it was shit..Totally no mood after that..

After that Jason and I hang-out in the campus for quite a while, then I got home at about 12.30noon..

Then I suggested to go to Berjaya Times Square to watch Transformers on Imax Theatre, which the movie was showing at 1.40pm..

So Josephine and I got ready and left my house at about 1.05pm..

Then under the traffic condition at noon time, we were able to reach Times Square‘s basement carpark at about 1.40pm..

Parked my car, rushed up to the 10th Floor and headed to the line of queues..

Then I asked Josephine to buy some drinks and titbits, as we still haven’t had our lunch yet..

I felt something weird..It’s already 1.50pm and I’m still trying to buy the 1.40pm showtime ticket..

I asked Josephine to ask the counter whether the ticket for 1.40pm showtime is still available or not..

To no avail, it had finished..The next show is at 9.40pm, which we can’t watch because we had to go to The Curve..

So, at about 2.30pm, we paid at the autopay machine while munching and drinking our RM10 popcorn and soft drink..

At last, we went there for nothing but to pay RM13 just for that 1 hour..Imagine the traffic congestion we had to have on Saturday noon..

Then we went to Pandan Indah’s Yang Mooi Beef Noodle to have our lunch..

After that, went back home watch Cannibal Holocaust that I just finish downloaded few days ago..

The movie is damn gory and gross and brutal and cannibal-lish and whatever it is..Damn disgusting..

Then got ready to go to The Curve to meet with Deral, Hikaru, Junn, LanDoo, and Nick to celebrate Deral‘s birthday..

Deral, LanDoo, Josephine and I met up first..While waiting for others to arrive, we sat at Dragon-i with the intention of eating there..

When Junn and Hikaru arrived, they suggested to eat at Italiannese..So off the two of them went to queue up..

While waiting for the table for 7 pax, we ordered 2 baskets of Siu Lung Bao, just to eat for fun..

As soon as the Siu Lung Bao was served, we asked for the bill coz Junn and Hikaru already got a table for us..

Then we eat as fast as we can..After that, we headed to Italiannese on the opposite shoplot..

We only had that 2 baskets of Siu Lung Bao and 4 drinks at Dragon-i..

Then we continued our eating binge at Italiannese..I snubbed Malaysia Blogger’s Day Gathering at Friendster Cafe just for this dinner..

Okay, it’s some kinda reunion dinner plus friend’s birthday..How could I miss it, right.?

After the birthday dinner, we went to Sanctuary Bar, and bumped into Diane, WengSoon, and BeeYan there..

Then we walked around the place 1 round, then got out of the bar..Hahaha..Just for the sake of voyeur around..

Then we walked around aimlessly, and ended up in CineLeisure to play a couple of fussball games..

After that, we separated at about 1.30am and everyone headed back home..

Oh my, what a day wtf..


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