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Monday, 30 July, 2007

What I Hate About Friendster User – Sequel

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I’ve actually wanted to write something about this, until Cedric blogged something on What I Hate About Friendster Users..

He came up with some interesting terms for these Friendster users..

Something like “FULL” Bitches, “I-Believed-In-Forwarded-Mails” Bitches, “I-Like-To-Create-My-Own-Language” Bitches, Testimonials/Comments Desperados, “Look-Says-It-All” Fuckers, and last but not least, Faceless Freaks..

Thus, here’s my add-ons to what I think is missing in his point of view, or rather that’s my point of view..Hahaha..

I know he tries to blog it with the shortest sentences that he could..So here I’ll elaborate some of the things that he mentioned..

“FULL” Bitches

The FULL thingy is actually quite a stupid one..It’s not that I don’t believed that they have a truly 1000 friends in their lists, which they regard as friends..

They actually tend to ask the existing “friends” in the 1st account to add the 2nd account as well..

When the 2nd account gets “FOOL” status, they ask the people in either account 1 or account 2 to add the 3rd account..

So, by all means, no matter how many accounts they virtually have, the most friends they got is actually 1000, only..And that’s only if they really know the people in their friend lists..

The “I-Believed-In-Forwarded-Mails” Bitches

Chain letters such as “If you do not forward this mail to 20 people in your list, we will delete your account, by Allen Smith (Manager of Friendster)” kinda havoc, is just stupid..

If the admin is really trying to clean up, do you think they’ll go with this stupid “Mail-Forwarding” system.?? Of course not..

If they really do, they’ll send each and every users of Friendster about the “serious” issue..

Furthermore, if Friendster is really closing, they wouldn’t be upgrading and improving the homepage to another level..

And for God’s sake, that stupid chain letter has been circulating around the Buletin Board for almost 2 years, and yet people still forwarding it..

“I-Like-To-Create-My-Own-Language” Bitches

Honestly, I totally turned off with this thing..The difficulties to read the words really turns me off..

It just hits my nerves, that I won’t be reading it to stress my eyeballs..Still, normally these kind of users do get a lot of viewers and “stranger friends”..

Does this proves that their eyes are so good just like that they can crack some kinda Da Vinci Code or something.??

Oh c’mon..Get a fucking life for God’s sake..

Testimonials/Comments Desperados

I’ve experienced something like this before..I’ve been forced asked for a testimonial and comments, because the user knew that I’ve had viewed its profile..

And that’s a total stranger to me, whom I chatted on MSN for FEW times only..

How could I say “Hi, nice to meet you” in the testimonial.?? Or do I have to say “You are so cute in that outfit” even though I don’t think so.??

I guess people nowadays misunderstood the meaning of testimonial..

According to my book of Oxford Dictionary, testimonial means – a written statement describing a person’s merits, abilities, qualifications, etc..

And here’s the answer from Wikipedia – Testimonial..

Are they such an assholes to chat in the testimonial section, just to let other people see their conversations.??

I guess when they go for job interviews when they finish their studies (which I doubt most of them will), the testimonials in their CV would be “Yu R s0 Gw3+, From xx-K3n5h1n-xx”..

“Look-Says-It-All” Fuckers

What is happening now is ah bengs guys tend to add ah lians pretty girls or girls with uncountable accounts into their lists..

And ah lians girls like to add ah bengs handsome guys or famous Idols as their “friends”..

What’s the meaning of having the pretty girl or handsome guy in list, albeit the truth that the person doesn’t really know you.??

But then again, what’s the meaning of approving these strangers invites to add you as their friend, when you actually don’t know them.??

If you are sincere enough to start up a conversation via private messaging, that’s fine..You have found a friend..

But just adding them because of their looks.?? Go fuck youself will ya.??

Faceless Freaks

It’s not that condemn these type of users..I know..Not all handphone users have cam-phone..

Not all PC or Internet users have a scanner connected to their PC..

But when you are putting pictures of babies, pretty girls, handsome guys, why don’t you ask a couple of pics from your friends or don’t even bother to put any in it~!!

I know you are afraid when people know your ugly face or big-size body they’ll delete you from their lists..

If you are so afraid of that and don’t even bother to find some sincere friends, why do you bother to create a Friendster account in the first place.???

You are not going to show your face for your whole life, meaning you are not meeting any of the “friends” in your list..

If you do, eventually they’ll block you in MSN or delete you from their lists..It’s happening no matter what..

So you are actually not having any friends, but you feel wanted to.?? Bullshit..

Oh my god..I got a lot to say..Been quite stressed with the Finals just around the corner..

This helps me a lot to release my tension..Aaahhhhhh~~



  1. I love it, absolutely love the way you add your points to it! So you really find this a good way to release your tension? Haha!

    But seriously, if someone were to throw me with “Yu R s0 Gw3+, From xx-K3n5h1n-xx”… Not just it will create severe confusion to me, I’m gonna hit him with tha “Yu suXxxXxx B1g +1m3!!!”.

    And another tips, you know someone once quoted that those who edit their pictures like make them look blurry or comic-like are usually ugly? LOL , I skip this because I have picture of myself that looks like a comic character. Hahahahaha….

    Good post good post!

    Comment by Tha Bad Boy — Monday, 30 July, 2007 @ 10:07 am

  2. Initially I don’t want to comment because fortunately or unfortunately, I fall into one of those categories lar. Shy nia. I add those er local reality shows’ contestants. =P I am not a bitch though. Just that there’s a few I really think is good and well, just to keep updated to their current on-goings, if they have anything going on. Actually again, to kaypo la. And if I add them, it is easier to view. But, haiya. Paiseh nia.And aiya, as I was thinking I only fall into one category, actually I am in two categories. =P I often chat with my friends on the testimonial. Hee. Much easier. Just reply their testimonials. But not too often la. Only a couple of them. Aiyo, I am a bad Friendster user.

    Anyway, I hate the chain letter they sent cursing our mother and stuff. So childish and immature. If so easy can kill people then I think no need war. Who you want to kill? Just send them this chain letter. So stupid. Gets on my nerves cause stupid people still send them.

    And I hate it when people request for testimonials. I once get a message asking me why I view their page and did not leave a testimonial. I don’t even know what to say. How to leave a testimonial? I rarely send out testimonials. I don’t receive much either. I got friends who has like 3000 testimonials but 80% are from the same person.

    I have something to add. As much as I like to see lovey dovey couple especially if they are my friends, I don’t enjoy seeing them putting up pictures of them kissing with their boyfriend. I mean so vain until kissing also want to take pictures? You can take as many pictures as you like kissing with your boyfriend but why must you put it on Friendster? Not I jealous your boyfriend handsome or what but, must meh? Especially when you have lots of ‘strangers’ in your Friendster.

    Comment by Ping Ping — Monday, 30 July, 2007 @ 8:19 pm

  3. The Bad Boy >> hahaha..they suck big time~!!

    Ping Ping >> if you wanna follow their updates, you can just simply bookmark them..that’s the use of bookmarking..i did bookmark some people in friendster coz i dun wanna add just bcoz i wanna follow their updates..

    Comment by Yatz — Tuesday, 31 July, 2007 @ 3:03 pm

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