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Wednesday, 1 August, 2007

Only Harry Potter Can Create Havoc In Malaysia

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No, I won’t be talking about the content of the Hairy Potter final instalment Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow..

I didn’t even want to watch the movie, why would I reading its book.??

If I have the time to read THAT book, I’m pretty sure I’m now reading my lecture notes and tutorials questions as my Finals is drawing near..

Anyway, that’s not the issue I wanted to discuss here..

As the title says, only Harry Potter can create havoc and chaos in Malaysia..What does that means.??

Simple..Do you know Apple’s iPhone.?? People in the USA queued up in front of stores to purchase that phone..

Do you know Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii.?? People in the USA and Japan queued up in front of retail outlets few days before the release date just to be the first few to purchase those game consoles..

Do you know Star Wars movies.?? Fanatics set up tents in front of cinemas few days before the release date, just to be the first few to watch that movie..

While in Malaysia, there would be no chaos like those in USA..

Have you ever heard of people queue-ing up for Playstation 3.?? NO~!!

They will wait until the price drop and someone to crack the console to be able to play on pirated copies of games..

Have you ever heard of people camping outside of a cinema of shopping mall just to be the first few to purchase a new big movie.?? NO~!!

They will be purchasing the ticket let say today for tomorrow or the next 2 days’ screening..Smart eh..

Okay, at least they have to be in a long queue in order to get the movie tickets..

Somehow, there’s something that Malaysians are very eager enough to queue up super damn early in the morning..

That’s the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow book (HP7), the final instalment of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling..

Some people had been queue-ing up on the midnight before the release date of the hairy book..

From here, we can see the kiasu-ness of Malaysians..Everyone who went to buy the book, scuffled among each other and cut queues, everything, you name it..

Besides that, some bookstores’ sales and marketing manager needs to attend some classes to re-learn the marketing strategies..

Why do I say so.?? Because MPH, Popular, Times, and another bookstore decided not to sell the hotcake book for almost a week since its release date..

They were boycotting Carrefour and Tesco hypermarket for selling the book at a freaking low price..

The book supposed to be selling at RM 109.90 in every bookstores, was selling at RM 69.90 at Carrefour and Tesco..

I just don’t get it..Do you think these hypermarkets will rise its price even if you boycotted them like that.??

I believe that if these bookstores were selling it too, the book eventually will be sold out in these respectives bookstores too..

People already prepared the sufficient amount for the RM 109.90 book..So there’s no use in not selling it to customers..

Or maybe should I say these people were dying for that book..So even if the book costs RM 209.90, they won’t hesitate to buy it either..

In the end, more and more people will go to these hypermarkets and other bookstores, since this 4 narrow-minded bookstores were not selling it..

So there goes, all branch outlets throughout nationwide have lesser customers because the book cannot be found in their stores..

Other bookstores and these 2 hypermarkets get the business like rain fall..Everything sold out in these smart bookstores and hypermarkets..

When MPH, Popular, and Times started their business again after knowing their stupid act, everyone already has their own copy..

Why bother to buying at these bookstores again.??

In the end, heaps of HP7 books will be kept in storerooms just because of this wrong move..

Can it be anymore pathetic.?? Well, sorry to say but they deserved it..Who got the last laugh.? Hahahahaha..

I’m not a freaking fan of this book..Not to say reading the book, I’m not even keen on watching the movie too..

Somehow I’m impressed on J.K. Rowling‘s writing skill, being able to attract so many people to read that book, to feel the story, and to understand the characters..

Perhaps that’s what it takes to be recognised as a good author..

How people started to like the characters and stuffs..Heard lots of people cried at the end part wtf..

C’mon, it’s just a fucking fiction..Get a life..Cry for your family, your good friends, your loved one, not that fucking book..

Okay, no offence to HP7 lovers..It’s just my thought anyway..And this is my blog..I’m free to talk in my own territory..Muahahaha..

By the way, there’s one more thing that can make Malaysians queue up for it..Free movie tickets and anything that is free..Hahahaha..


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