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Tuesday, 14 August, 2007

Hungry Ghost Festive Month

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It’s the Hungry Ghost Festive month again everyone..

It started on 13th of August til 10th of September 2007..The peak season is said to be on 30th of August, Merdeka Eve..

I believe that most Chinese parents would advise their children not to stay out til late at night to avoid bumping onto any ‘dirty‘ things..

Anyhow, my mind is contradicting in any other ways..I don’t know whether to believe in it or not, but I do take pre-cautions..

I’m scared to go out to the mamak near my house when I got hungry late at night..

It’s reported in the newspapers that couples are afraid to take pics during this season, if they were to wed during this season..

They are afraid if those pics might appear another figure beside them..

Wedding is hopefully a once in a lifetime thingy, so how can they skip the outdoor photoshooting part.??

And worst of all, if they are so scared, why choose to wed during the Hungry Ghost Festival in the first place.?? I don’t get it..

One thing about whether to believe it or not, an argument made me think like that..

I’m not sure it’s correct or not..Correct me if I’m wrong..Sorry if I offended any people here..

This Hungry Ghost Festive month is to offer the deads with food, hell money and other things..

But then again, other than to pray for those neglected wandering souls/spirits, aren’t those whom got buried or cremated already sent to the netherworld and waiting to be reincarnated.??

If the souls/spirits of the deads already reincarnated, then meaning they have a new body as their house..

So is it possible for the deads to come back and accept our offerings.??

Okay, let’s assume that they do come back for the offerings, I thought since we were lil kid, we were taught that once we were dead, we’ll walk past a bridge where we’ll be offered a soup called “Mang Po Tong“..

After drinking this soup, we’ll forget our past life and get on with a new life in heaven/hell and wait to be reincarnated into the world again..

Even if they haven’t reincarnated yet, they should have lost their memory of the past life, meaning they have forgotten their family and friends..

It’s all just my thought..No offence..Sorry for me being a Free-Thinker, but I’m still a Chinese..

I cannot deny that I’ll be bound with all these customs and rules and stuffs for the rest of my life, as I’m a Chinese..

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