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Sunday, 30 September, 2007

Foreign Minister Being Questioned On BBC Hard Talk – Part 2

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Let’s get back to the 2nd part of the video clip..

I don’t know what to say bout Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar..I doubted every word that he said..

You know why.? Because, if you watch closely, he himself too felt surprised with the questions asked by Sarah Montague..

It’s either he felt embarrassed as to why an outsider knows what is happening in Malaysia, til the extent of quite detailed..

Or, he felt it’s too funny to hear the questions coz it’s NOT going to happen in Malaysia..

I do believe the second reason is not applicable, as to why I say so, let’s keep it to ourselves coz we all know bout it..

Okay, in the second video clip, they talked about foreign investments..

Although I’m still a student, but I’m alert of the current issues..

Let’s talk about Proton..Pak Lah has been saying there’ll be investment penetration by Volkswagon..

He kept saying talks between the 2 companies has been held and some agreements have been made so and so..

If that’s so, what makes the supposed-investor held back for so long.??

And then again, we can always read about how GLCs making profits, this and that..

For the all time leading local carmaker Proton to have a sudden loss of RM591.36 million in the 2007 financial year, isn’t it strange.??

I smell something fishy..Yes, the stench is worst than the fishmarket..You know, I know..

Then Sarah kept asking is Syed Hamid not wanted to accept the fact that the separation of races has worsen..

Again, Syed Hamid kept denying it bla bla bla..

IMHO, the problem is not really getting from bad to worse..It’s quite constant all the way back to the post-Merdeka era..

But then again, that’s what we saw on the outlook itself..I believed deep down in our heart, the hatred or jealousy is getting from bad to the worst..

Because of the inequality and harrassments among races, it’s totally madness..

Then came the conversion of religions..Syed Hamid says that Lina Joy is granted the permission to convert into Christianity, only her name is not allowed to be changed..

If I’m not mistaken, I think I know of some people who changed their name in the IC..

So, what’s the problem of changing the name in the IC if a swear or something is made in front of the Commission of Oath.??

I think that would be fine and fair enough for all parties right.??

If changing name in the IC is not allowed, then I guess any Chinese or Indian who converts into Muslim doesn’t have to change their name to Muhamad so and so.??

Then why’s that a Chinese is compulsory to add-in the Muhamad if he’s to conert into Muslim.??

For example, local footballer, Muhamad Aiman Wong..His surname is Wong, then what’s with the Muhamad Aiman.??

It’s just all LAME excuses..

And also, Syed Hamid says, anyone is allowed to convert into any religion and Malaysia is a place where Malaysians are allowed to practice any religions as they like..

So let’s flashback a little way backward..Why is the so-called occult religion of Sky Kingdom is banned and demolished once and for all.??

Is it because the Malaysian government doesn’t recognise it as a religion therefore it’s an occult.??

And if let say a Muslim wanted to marry a Buddhist, why can’t the Muslim conert into Buddhism and start to eat pork or something like that.?

Why is only Islam has the advantage in this matter.??

And if the case of Lina Joy is true where she’s allowed to convert into Christianity and the problem is only her name, I STRONGLY BELIEVED that there are a number of Malays who don’t want to be a Muslim..

Yes, it might sounded absurd and I might be too harsh at these Malays to say they don’t want to be a Muslim, as I don’t have any proof to that..

It’s just my thought, why.?? I’ve seen too many things around me, from my primary school up to college life..

A lot of them are not sincere enough to be a Muslim..They skipped fastings..They skipped Friday prayers..

They drink alcoholic beverages where Islam defined it as the urine of the Satan..Why hold them back if they don’t want to be in that position.??

To be in a religion, one has to keep faith in the God and true to their heart to practice that religion..There’s no meaning to cheat the beliefs..

I know, this happens to every other religion on earth and doesn’t applies only to Islam..That’s why I’m a free-thinker..

In the 9th minute of the 2nd video clip, Syed Hamid says, religion works just like a club..If you want to join or enter a club, you have to follow the rules of the club..

So, why everyone only has to follow the rules of Islam and not other religions.?

If a guy like me wanted to marry a Malay girl (99.9% or all Malays in Malaysia are Muslims), I have to convert into Muslim..Why can I stay as a free-thinker as I am now.??

Okay, I’m not condemning Islam or Muslims or Malays..I’m just stating out the inequality..

Being a free-thinker doesn’t meant I don’t have a belief..Being a free-thinker doesn’t meant I’m bad because I don’t have a religion..

I’m doing the best out of me, and try not to do bad things, because they are bad..

I don’t have to be in a religion to be a good guy..It also didn’t meant that I’m a bad guy if I’m not into any religion..

And umm, I think I talk too much..Just proceed to the video aight..

*Part 2 of Foreign Minister Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar Being Questioned On BBC Hard Talk*

Video clip with Bahasa Melayu subtitles..


Thursday, 27 September, 2007

Foreign Minister Being Questioned By Sarah Montague On BBC Hard Talk Regarding Issues In Malaysia

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On 13th of September 2007, Foreign Minister Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar was being questioned by BBC Hard Talk’s Sarah Montague..

The talk was supposed to be aired on Astro BBC channel, but it didn’t..Some said because it was not allowed to air the interview..

I don’t know..But one thing I know that there were some people who know this interview is going to showed on BBC..

Anyway, I’ll go to the several issues being discussed in the interview..

On the first part on the Youtube, the first question is whether the government will change the law for the sake of fairness among the races in Malaysia..

Then it comes to the question on how the Malaysian economy has been on the Malays side and that is unfair to the Chinese and Indian ethincs..

The problem of enrolling into public universities for the certain ethnics, where Malays have more privileges is also being questioned..

Dato Seri Syed Hamid keep denying allegations made by Sarah which he said the outsiders wouldn’t know what is happening here Malaysia..

I especially like Sarah’s way of approach when she asked the questions..She’s very aggressive..

This way, there’s not even a milisecond for Syed Hamid to think much on how to answer the questions..

But I guess he or any other ministers are already well-trained on how to tackle this kind of sensitive issues when being asked..

In the 8th minute of the first part, Syed Hamid says that Malaysia will come a time where all other races (Chinese, Indians, minorities) will eventually accept the fact that Malays are strongly helped by the government..

Hence, unfairness..I think he’s either didn’t get what Sarah is trying to ask or he has answered wrongly because he’s telling the truth where other races already accepted the unfairness..

Undoutbedly, this is a sad case if Syed Hamid thinks that other races will just keep quiet on how they were being treated compared to the Malays..

I guess what Sarah asking is actually what will the government do to tackle the inter-racial unfairness issue..

Syed Hamid actually denying it again and shot back at Sarah on the way she sees it as an outsider..

I like the part when Syed Hamid says Malaysia is the same if compared to other countries..Surely there’ll be unfairness..

Then Sarah shoot back at Syed Hamid, saying that for other countries, that’s their problem to handle themselves..

The question is what Malaysia is going to do about it..Hahaha..Take that..

IMHO, I don’t think a journalist or someone from BBC would blindly question a sensitive issue on TV before doing their homework..

I do believed that they have their ways to find the informations and the sources are at least 70-80% reliable..

Almost at the end of this video clip, Syed Hamid says Malaysia is not a racist country..

Every other races enjoy the achievements and there’s fairness among the races bla bla bla..

Well, maybe it is but the privileges that the Malays have, if accumulated, it is totally unfair to other races..That’s what Sarah was trying to say..

*Foreign Minister Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar Being Interviewed By Sarah Montague of BBC Hard Talk*

Look forward for the second posting..It has 3 video clips in total, with Malay subtitles..

Tuesday, 25 September, 2007

Yau Char Kwai @ Jalan Alor, KL

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This stall selling Yau Char Kwai is definitely one of the best in town, if not the best..

This elder couple is one of my ex-classmate’s parents..We called them the Tew (Tiu) family..

Although their family name is quite fucked up (pun intended), nonetheless they made quite a fortune with this stall..

The business is so good that you’ll get fresh hot Yau Char Kwai, Kap Chung, Ma Kiok, Ham Chin Peng, and Ngau Lay Sou..

Another specialty about their product is that even after few hours or even up to 12 hours past, the after-fried dough is still crispy as it’s just fried from the wok..

Okay, maybe not until that extent, but it’s still crispy..That’s the best part..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*The stall at Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang*

A single piece costs RM0.70..Three pieces would cost RM2..A 10cent discount..

Their business hour is Monday to Friday, from 3pm-9pm..

DO TAKE NOTE, better be there before 8.30pm..Their thing is selling fast everyday..

Usually will be closed before 9pm..The business is THAT good..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*The process*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*The result*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Opposite of Bukit Bintang KFC*

You know the KFC opposite of BB Plaza.? This stall is at the head of Jalan Alor, which is the inner opposite of KFC..

Sunday, 23 September, 2007

Traffic Offenders – Double Parking

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Now you see..What I’m trying to blog here is not about me double parking at some stupid limited carpark areas..

From now on I’m going to do some serious shits here for the sake of everyone, everywhere, and anytime..

You see, people tend to double park their car at some busy office areas such as banks, restaurants, etc etc..

This problem often happened at places with bank(s)..

Meanwhile, at Jalan Menara Gading, where UCSI is located, is famous for its traffic congestion..

Thanks to the insufficient parking space and the Maybank in front of the University..

On Friday, 21st of September 2007, about 12noon, this happened in front of the Old Town at Jalan Menara Gading..

Apparently, Kelvin‘s car was blocked by a Mercedes..

It’s quite a norm for double parking in this area..But if you wanted to double park, better be alert when the owner of the car you are blocking honk you..

Even if you don’t give a damn, it’s better if you let go off the handbrake so that people can move your car when it’s blocking the way..

We had been honking like at least 5-10 minutes, and we were in a rush..

Got fed up..Thus the born of this serious matters to curb traffic offenders, applies only to those that irritates me and in my way..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*It’s parked that close*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*A Mercedes you can see*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*BDK 6666*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Totally in the way of the road*

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*Mercedes 230E – BDK 6666*

So if you see this car somewhere on the road, give him a nice stare..

Feel free to break the law on the road if you want to be featured in The Yat (One) And Only Journey..

Friday, 21 September, 2007

Dumb Government Sectors Waste Public Fund

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It has been quite a while since the Budget 2008 is revealed by Pak Lah..

Soon after that, Auditor-General reported that the Youth and Sports Ministry is paying RM224 for a set of RM40 screwdrivers, RM5,700 for a RM50 car jack, and RM1,146 for a RM160 pen set..

Other irregularities included shelling out a massive RM5,700 for a RM50 carjack, RM8,254 for a fucking 3.1 megapixel digital camera that costs RM2,990 and RM1,146 for a set of technical pens with a market price of RM160..

What the people inside there thinking.??? The public is either fucking retarded or ill-minded for accepting such fucking manipulated accounts..

Not only the people who purchased those items but the one who approved to buy those things were dumber than PIG, DONKEY, COW, MONKEY, and any kind of animals you can think of..

You can calculate the amount of profit these assholes gained and have a decent Raya celebration in October..

Then the police air wing spending RM118mil for two helicopters that did not meet flying specifications and another RM15.4mil to train pilots to fly these helicopters..

Not only that, Customs Department spending RM290mil for an outdated, user-unfriendly information system..

Besides the ministry, the Sarawak State Sports Council spent RM2.67mil on sports equipment from 2004 to 2006 but didn’t keep track of purchases..

It’s reported that an RM5,300 lane rope for swimming also went missing while 24 types of equipment for silat, athletics and boxing worth a total RM47,911 meant for various training centres had NOT been used for God’s sake..

It added that 25 fucking javelins worth RM3,570 were kept unused at the Miri Stadium because they were oversupplied by the council’s headquarters..

In addition, archery equipment worth RM30,859 was supplied TOO late to be used for training for the 11th Malaysia Games in 2006 and was NOT distributed to other training centres which needed them..

So all these are few of the reasons why the Government have to debate whether to continue subsidies diesel..

That’s why we have problems with pipe leakage in government buildings..

That’s why the toll price for few major tolls were increased to an absurd amount, while we were paying our taxes..

That’s why there are sinkholes and potholes everywhere on the road no matter which area it is..

So, what can I say or what can we do.??

At least, I’m GLAD we live in a DEMOCRATIC nation, thus we are FREE to SPEAK, FREE to CHOOSE whichever PARTIES we like to govern the country..

I guess it’s time for us to make our moves when the general election comes..

And so, that’s the time when the government try to condemn bloggers for being a goblok..

Yeah, actually they were saying GO BLOG~!! Long live blogs, and my blog..


Wednesday, 19 September, 2007

Have You Seen Nurin Jazlin?

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Well, I wasn’t really paying attention to the media lately..

I’m not even aware of the missing of Nurin Jazlin until i read the news about a child found sexually assaulted and killed and then was stuffed into a sports bag..

Nurin Jazlin was found missing on the 20th August 2007, she was last seen heading towards the night market near her house..

It’s already 29 days ever since..Hope she’s to be found as soon as possible..

The rewards for the whereabouts of the 8 year old girl is currently at RM26k..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

*This is Nurin Jazlin*

For further information and updates, head over to “In Search of Nurin Jazlin“, run by Jasni AJ, Nurin’s uncle..

It’s indeed very disturbing that recently lots of brutal crime cases involving little kids, as young as an infant..

Let’s all bloggers join together to fight crimes in our way of doing things..It’s Bloggers United after all..

This entry is an effort of Earl-Ku, hoping that other bloggers will help in the search of the missing girl..Check out his entry HERE..

Hope other bloggers will help out by posting a similar entry or such to create public awareness of the missing of this girl..

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